Sun transits Libra 2013 – debilitated and eclipsed by Rahu then attacked by Saturn – things could get beastly in business!

 Sun transits Libra 2013

Author:  Paula Johnsen, M.A.

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Sun transits Libra 2013

debilitated and eclipsed by Rahu then at war with Saturnthings could get beastly in business!

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Highlights of Jyotish With Paula Blog – post Oct. 24, 2013

Sun transits Libra 2013 October 17- November 15, 2013: conjoins beastly Saturn/Rahu combo things could get ugly in business and relationships!

Weak Sun transiting Libra in Swati – making things shaky and scatter to the wind – outcomes uncertain from late October 2013 – June, 2014

Full solar eclipse by Rahu November 2 and 3 – “swallowing” the lightunexpected events can happen – spiritual resolve and dharma can be weakened

Good can prevail if we properly use the strength and discipline of Saturn and the flexibility of Rahu – it’s all up to us to make correct decisions!

Jupiter is wisely watching over this planetary combination – from Punarvasu nakshatra – helping making things good again and right again

The stock market and the solar eclipse pattern in Swati nakshatra – watch out – there could be some problems Jyotish With Paula Advice on Vedic Astrology and the cosmic dance of the planetsJyotish With Paula Advice what to favor and avoid for debilitated, eclipsed and at war Sun as it makes its way through Libra – sign of business & relationships


Debilitated Sun transits Libra 2013 eclipsed by Rahu at war with Saturn - things could get beastly in business!

 Sun transits Libra 2013-debilitated and eclipsed by Rahu then at war with Saturn – things could get beastly in business! jyotishwithpaulablog

Sun transits Libra October 17- November 15, 2013: conjoins beastly Saturn/Rahu combo things could get downright ugly!

Things could get a little complicated to downright beastly this fall as debilitated Sun transits sign 7 – sign of business, relationships, partnerships in the cosmic chart. Depending on where Sun is transiting in your personal chart the complications and challenges are revealed. Let’s look at the Sun’s transit of Libra, together, and see what’s happening in this dramatic combination in the cosmic play of planets.

What does debilitated Sun mean?

When Sun is debilitated (as it is in Libra) either by transit or placement in a Vedic Chart, it means that Sun is at its weakest (most vulnerable) and is not the best at leadership abilities or making critical decisions. Not wanting to go it alone, Libra Ascendants, Sun or Moon (or those with personal planets in the 7th house, or 7th sign, or lots of planets aspecting those houses or signs) like to work closely and in harmony with others. They tend to be more reliant on others’ opinions and not independent about making important decisions as it relates to business or personal relationships.

Not wanting to go it alone has its advantages and disadvantages.

Libra Sun, Moon and Ascendant people are generally gentler, more diplomatic, and don’t like to stir the pot. They are able to check their egos at the door and make things nicer wherever they are. These positive harmonious energies are great in a group – but it depends on the group you are dealing with and what the group mentality is doing. If the group becomes militant and aggressive, the gentler Libra personalities won’t tend to step forward to change the direction if it is becoming negative or going downhill. They may favor the majority vote and keep their opinions to themselves. If the stock market (or the economy) starts to swing, the Libra personality may be running around asking others’ their opinions and fail to act quickly and therefore lose what they’ve invested. If a love interest starts taking their anger out on the Libran, they may try to over-compensate and become passive and overly agreeable.

More about the Libra personality(click here)

Debilitated Sun transits Libra 2013 - eclipsed by Rahu at war with Saturn - things could get beastly in business!

Sun transits Libra 2013 – debilitated and eclipsed by Rahu then war with Saturn – things could get beastly in business! jyotishwithpaulablog

Extreme swings on the Libra scale can create aggressive fanatics or saints

In their extreme desire to create balance and harmony as they see it, some Librans can get very unbalanced and even fanatical at times. Think of the scale of justice swinging entirely towards one end of the scale. When this happens, they can become extremists, lose their center point and create a lot of imbalance in the lives of others and themselves along the way. Extreme Libra energy can find a political, personal, or business cause they believe in, lose perspective and become ruthless – or they can become spiritually inspired to the point of walking away from the world. Both Mahatma Gandhi and Hitler were Libra ascendants – exemplifying two extremes on the balance scale.


Weak Sun transiting Libra in Swatimaking things shaky and scatter to the wind outcomes uncertain. Why?

  • Debilitated Sun will be with two strong enemy malefics by transit: Saturn and Rahu from October 17 – November 15, 2013
  • Sun is transiting a Venus sign (also an enemy of the Sun)
  • From the 23rd of October to November 4th, Sun will be closely conjunct Saturn (combusting Saturn) in Swati nakshatra
  • Swati is a creative, but unstable nakshatra (6 degrees 40′ – 20 degrees Libra) whose power is to scatter like the wind
  • Rahu is the sworn enemy of the Sun, friend of Saturn – and eclipses (swallows) the Sun up to 5 times annually
  • Sun will be fully eclipsed by Rahu on November 2/3, 2013
  • Sun will be at war with Saturn (within one degree) from the 5th – 7th of November, 2013
  • Planets at war – within one degree (especially enemies like Saturn and Sun) – no one wins – they both suffer according to their karakas (governing tendencies)
  • The Moon – the other luminary will also be debilitated on November 5th, 2013
  • Saturn is the Sun’s son (an enemy to his father) and is exalted (strongest) in Libra and sitting in Swati nakshatra with a malefic friend Rahu
  • Rahu is in its own nakshatra (Swati – a Rahu nakshatra) – and also very strong in Libra with its friend Saturn


Debilitated Sun transits Libra - eclipsed by Rahu November 3, 2013

Debilitated Sun transits Libra – fully eclipsed by Rahu November 3, 2013

Full solar eclipse by Rahu November 3, 2013 – “swallowing” of the light – unexpected events can happen spiritual resolve and dharma can be weakened

Imagine yourself as the Sun in the following situation:

It’s late October, early November, and you’re travelling south, feeling weak, under-confident, a bit scattered and unsure in an unstable environment (swati nakshatra) not wanting to go it alone, (you’ve got it – you’re Sun in Libra). As part of your travels this year, you have to be a guest for a month in a home of someone who doesn’t like you and is away at the moment (Venus the host of Libra owns sign 7).

Two sinister looking flat-mates who’ve been guests at the Libra house for quite sometime call out to you as you walk through the door, put your suitcase down and the door quietly closes behind you. “By all means come on in – enemy of ours – and make yourself at home. We’ll both make sure you’re well taken care of while you’re here…” A third voice, off in the distance says…”I agree with these two – they’re absolutely right!”

You look up and see that your first flat-mate is a son you’ve been very distanced from, who’s got plenty of “issues” with you, is a bit of a control freak and can be punishing about holding a grudge (Saturn).

The second flat-mate is a close buddy to your son, and a sworn enemy of yours, with whom you’ve had many strange run-ins. Rahu is his name, and he’s a massive, shadowy, shady, addictive character, who takes great pleasure in creating turmoil in your life – to the point that he attempts to swallow you (the Sun) several times a year. (Rahu eclipses the Sun up to 5 times a year). Rahu promises that soon he’s going to successfully swallow you whole (full solar eclipse on November 3, 2013) and finally wipe you out. He grins wickedly as he says it and opens his mouth widely – filling the house with murky shadow to prove his power!

The third guest in the house is the regal prince Mercury – planet of communications and business. Mercury has chameleon-like propensities – known to take on the point of view and side with whomsoever he’s with. Because he’s with two bullies like Saturn and Rahu and in retrograde motion – he floats in between siding with you and siding with them. Whomever he views is stronger he aligns himself with. Because he’s closer by degree to Saturn/Rahu- he confirms their aggressive speech and approach (at least for the moment).

All three of these “charming” characters are settled in the central part of the house (Swati nakshatra – 6 degrees 40′ – 20 degrees Libra) and they warn you that over the next month they are going to make your life miserable. Because you’re the Sun, representing the eternal soul of the person, and the ego, whose motion is ever-forward (never goes backward) – you can’t turn around and leave. You must go forward and meet your destiny – come what may.

How would you feel in this situation, should you find yourself inside that room and cannot leave? Annoyed, trapped, nervous, fearful, angry, resentful, weak, uncertain – perhaps less spiritual resolve? Feeling a little out of tune with your natural destiny (dharma)? Would you also feel a little like the fly who’s just joined two (or maybe three) spiders on a giant web?

The sun is a STAR - fiercely shining - ever radiant, powerful and brilliant!

The sun is forever a STAR – fiercely shining – ever radiant, powerful and brilliant!

But is the Sun ever really scared?

Well, you may be feeling really nervous about being in a room with two powerful malefics and a possible third, with no visible way out – but the Sun is THE SUN after all! He’s a brilliant star – not just a mere planet – a regal king who shines brightly, hotly and fiercely – even when weak by placement, and with two dreadful enemies and one uncertain prince standing in his way. When close, by proximity, the Sun tends to shoot out fire balls, and burn everything in his path. Like the bright star that he is – he shines brilliantly, incessantly, and intensely and never lets up. Nothing and no one can withstand his heat and intensity. He combusts all planets who get too near to him – this means he overshadows them with radiant brightness and “burns” or subsumes them. It’s said by some that he also blesses any planet that is too close, by shining his own brilliant qualities through that planet.

How does this happen? Imagine that the Sun steps into your house. Would you see anyone else? Of course not! Would you feel intimidated or overshadowed by his radiant, heat and combustibility? Definitely, yes! The fiery Sun literally lights up a room: he’s got enough light to make every other star in our galaxy invisible by day time here on earth and nothing is hidden from his powerful, unwinking presence.

Saturn is a mere planet – and the Sun’s son – can there really ever be a war between the two?

Saturn is the son of the Sun, after all. When the father visits where he’s staying, he may feel brooding and resentful, but Saturn will also feel diminished and almost invisible – as every planet must feel cowed by the presence of the Sun’s total unflinching light. So, even though strong by placement in Libra, Saturn gets combust and his strength diminishes (and some say any planet surrenders its power) by proximity to the Sun. Every step that the Sun takes towards Saturn, the more Saturn’s strength deflates and he surrenders his power. Because Saturn is not used to being so close to the Sun (by transit) he really begins his combustion (surrender) almost from the moment Saturn enters sign 7 – Libra.

Also, interestingly enough , as Saturn is exalted in Libra – he unknowingly supports his debilitated father (the Sun) in Libra. Any debilitated planet conjunct (together) with an exalted planet begins to act more like he’s exalted. (This is a neechabhanga yoga – a kind of “temporary get out of jail card” for the debilitated planet). So things seem to start rough and rocky for Sun in Libra, but may improve over time and with effort and discipline – the kind of things Saturn likes. (Saturn gives the “get out of jail card” and in return receives respect from the debilitated planet by working successfully with his energy – hard work, discipline, focus.)

In return, as the Sun combusts a planet – he floods them with his light. (The Persians refer to this as being in the lap of the king.) Now because Saturn is really at his basis nothing but light (as son of the Sun ) and just looks dark on the surface – Saturn’s dark cloak may get burned away to reveal his pure transcendental self – which is light itself. Chameleon-like Mercury is used to being over-shadowed by the kingly sun – is never more than a few degrees away – and is therefore combusted regularly by him. Mercury falls in line easily – though he may still create problems and glitches in communications and business dealings while he’s retrograde in motion (October 20 – Nov. 11, 2013.)

Planetary wars really have no effect at all on the Sun – but they have a cosmic effect.

So you see, no planet can ever really “war” with Sun , as surrender is guaranteed by whatever planet he approaches and subsumes. A war with the Sun seems more like an opportunity for the Sun to correct or re-align a planet to show the divine light that it truly is at its basis. However, on the earthly plane, a kind of war can take place amongst people. Sun represents kings, leaders and the solar line. Saturn represents democracy, control, and is the great leveler of disparity. Mercury deals with communications and business. There can be a crisis point experienced between all that represents the father (leaders) and son (the people) and communication between the two energies right around the eclipse pattern and can continue until June, 2014.

Caution and practical intelligence needs to be applied here (Saturn). Leaders in any field (Sun) need to work harder to show that they recognize and are willing to correct the disparity between themselves and their people. Give more, help more, be flexible, roll up their sleeves and join the people in the trenches to improve their lot in life. Be careful about communication break-downs, glitches, and misunderstandings as there can be plenty of them during this time. (Mercury). With focus, and a willingness to work with, instead of against the people they represent, leaders can make it through this time more smoothly. It would be wise for all political leaders to remember that suppressing or ignoring rebellion, or forcibly restricting the press and communication, does little to solve issues. Many revolutions show the failed results of rule by force or applying autocratic thinking in challenging planetary combinations like these.


Good can prevail if we properly use the strength and discipline of Saturn and the humbling effects of Rahu – it’s all up to us to make correct decisions!

Solar eclipse patterns are to remind the Sun that it’s not all-powerful – all of the time

As for eclipses – it’s basically the same concept – but in reverse. The Sun in the Vedic Astrology Chart represents not only the Soul, it also represents the small self – the human ego which can get inflated and bloated by greed and desire. Rahu symbolizes the dark, slippery shadowy ego-self that fosters and encourages improper thinking and behavioral patterns. Though Rahu is a powerful and massive force, and may appear to overshadow the Sun (the soul) momentarily – it’s only an illusion. The grander purpose of Rahu “swallowing” the Sun, is to re-attune the ego side of the individual self – to the more cosmic side of things. It’s as though Rahu cuts off the light (the essential nature of the Sun) to remind him that he is not all-powerful – always. There is a cosmic force that is larger than the Sun: a bigger picture that needs remembering.

Because Rahu is only a shadowy head – it has no attached body; the Sun is only momentarily humbled by this shadowy influence. As soon as it is “swallowed” the Sun comes out the other side and some say that the Sun is purified by this encounter. In the cosmic sense, Rahu is really overshadowing the ego side of the Sun – showing where the Sun’s placement has become too powerful, and out of tune. And likewise, it is only when an eclipse pattern occurs that we can see the shadowy head of Rahu (where we need to change, purify and improve). If we’re wise we can learn to use the flexibility of Rahu as he snakes his way to a goal, to avoid the obstacles before us, and overcome problems by going round them – and not by direct confrontation.  At the same time. be careful not to activate the slippery side of Rahu – or favoring our impulses that are not in tune with the laws of nature.  Remember that Rahu was so ambitious that he got his head snipped off – leaving him forever unfulfilled and full of brooding resentments.

Having the Sun eclipsed in Swati nakshatra, and in Libra – is a lesson for all of us to get our business life, our personal relationships and marketplace, in balance with the greater good. Otherwise we will globally find ourselves swallowed or eclipsed by our misplaced greed and improper behaviors and simultaneously at war with a great leveling power as Swati’s “shaky” nature continues in the business place and markets for about 6 months – until around June, 2014.


Jupiter is wisely watching over this planetary combination – from Punarvasu nakshatra – helping making things good again and right again

Jupiter is now in its own nakshatra Punarvasu – whose power is to make things good again, right again. Still afflicted by Rahu, by aspect, it can still be a little tainted by materialism as it aspects this malefic combination of combust Saturn, Rahu, combust and retrograde Mercury, and debilitated eclipsed Sun. Rahu and Saturn combined make a greedy beast, Sun eclipsed and at war with Saturn can make things feisty to say the least. Mercury’s combust and retrograde motion makes for glitchy and uncertain communications at best – and lots of deception at the worst. The four of them together in an air sign can fuel a ballooning economic unsteadiness. Jupiter’s aspect tends to both expand and bless the things he aspects. Because he is in the house of economy (sign 3) and communication – he can either fuel or tame the beasts warring their way through Libra.

Jupiter stands for our more cosmic intelligent wisdom – the broader picture. If we as a global family work together to make things good again and right again, so that there are fewer disparities and glaring lack of prosperity in our brotherhood of humanity – Jupiter will support that. If we can come to terms with our bloated egos, and greedy nature, humble ourselves and find a way to help our fellow-man – Jupiter will bless that and help us all find a more righteous and generous path to prosperity. If however, we fuel our greedy tendencies in the marketplace, partnerships, legal arrangements and in business and war against our neighbors and fall from our high place of integrity and prosperity – Jupiter will also support that. There are lessons to be learned from all of these possible scenarios and Jupiter doesn’t choose which lesson we experience. It all depends on what WE choose: the high road or the low road. And then we learn the easy way, or the hard way.

The stock market, business partnerships and the eclipse pattern with Sun/Saturn war

Saturn and Rahu are both air planets in an air sign. Sun is a fire planet in an air sign. What do you have when you mix fire and air? Well, for one thing it generates a lot of hot air – and that can make things float things up like a balloon. The market could snake (Rahu) up quickly. But because three malefics (and one who favors whomsoever he’s with) are together in Swati nakshatra – power to scatter like the wind and quite unstable – it’s not necessarily a positive trend that has lasting power.

Rahu is a smoke-like character with sharp teeth and no body. Sun will be feeling pressured and annoyed by Saturn’s interference in its path – generating too much heat and throwing a few fireballs to clear the path. Saturn will be trying to level the playing field , exert his usual control and dominate through the power of the people, and at the same time collapsing in on itself because of combustion with the Sun. Mercury retrograde and combust can make for devious or mischievous communications – creating misunderstandings and problems.

What happens when a balloon gets over-heated, punctured or collapses inwardly, and no one works together to communicate properly and honestly? What goes up may fall down with a bang during or after the full solar eclipse. Because solar eclipses tend to influence the global psyche, unsteadiness in politics, leadership, stock market, global business and the marketplace may last up to six months – until June 2014.

_______________________________________________________________________ Jyotish With Paula Advice on Vedic Astrology and the cosmic dance of the planetsJyotish With Paula Advice with 10 top tips

what to favor and avoid to get you through…


  • straight-forward, simple communications – keeping all concerned in the loop
  • joyous celebrations honoring partners, relationships, global family concepts
  • integrity in all relationships – choose the high road even with temptations in front of you
  • transparency in anything involving others – don’t try to hide the fine print
  • self-sufficiency – rely on others’ opinions less and make your own decisions
  • saying “no” graciously and setting healthy relationship boundaries
  • realignment with a more cosmic purpose in your life – seeing the bigger picture
  • going around problems or difficulties rather than confronting things head on – be flexible
  • generosity in business dealings – but go over the fine details – don’t miss a thing
  • courage in difficult times – knowing that this too shall pass – let your bigger Self shine!


  • over-confidence or greed in the market – sudden shifts could promote a great fall or collapse
  • urgency driven responses – feeling that you must act now or won’t succeed
  • less than honest and transparent business dealings – avoid signing contracts right now – especially with Mercury retrograde (until Nov. 16)
  • father/son confrontations (or leaders vs. the people) – you may find yourself at a distinct disadvantage and under attack
  • group violence or riot-like situations – listen to your intuition and don’t go there
  • politically sensitive or unstable environments – be careful of “righteous causes”
  • dark or isolated places where you feel vulnerable or unsafe – especially November 3 and 5th when the sun and moon are debilitated and part of an eclipse pattern
  • getting married, starting a business or partnership at this time – if you wish the road ahead to be smooth
  • the use of violence, narcotics and/or drink to help “clear your head or free your emotions”- they won’t
  • autocratic behaviors – seek effective compromise or you may be subjected to a business take-over or coup
Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog All Rights Reserved

Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. Copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved

This concludes…

Sun transits Libra 2013

debilitated and eclipsed by Rahu then at war with Saturn – things could get beastly in business!

Copyright: 2013 and each year forward – Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved


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    Arjun – thank you for your great comments! I really enjoy them. From public records on the birth data of Pandit Nehru, I see that he was born with Sun just barely into sign 8 – Scorpio – not sign 7. (Nov-14-1889 at 11-36 night; Allahabad) Is this the birth time that you have, also? If this is the case, Nehru was born very late on the 14th of November – almost midnight – just as the Vedic Sun was transiting to a new sign: Scorpio. He is in the cusp (about 1 degree of a new sign and last degree of an old sign, and therefore his personality (sun) can have characteristics of both signs/ There were so many other factors in his chart for making him famous, deeply beloved of the people and known for his skills world-wide – but Sun in Libra may not have been one of the most noticeable reasons.

    You do highlight a very valid point about Sun in Libra personalities in general – and that is they have the ability to do their jobs and be loved! And, of course your points are right about degrees of Sun’s location in the sign (this will give very different effects, as the nakshatra changes). There are 3 nakshatras in Libra: Chitra, Swati, and Vishaka. Each color and tone the planet transiting them, or stationed in them. I’ll be talking about that more in future writings.

    p.s. I also see that I made a mistake in my original posting of this article – with the dates of Sun’s transit. I had listed Oct. 17 – November 18. So sorry – my error! I’ve corrected the post to read the correct dates of Sun’s transit of : October 17 – November 15th. Can I claim retrograde Mercury made me do it?! :)

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    I would like to notify that India’s first Prime Minister – Pandit Nehru was born on 14th November and his sun sign (vedic) was LIBRA.
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    I think, that the degrees in Libra sun sign, play a vital role. And as an ardent student of astrology, I am keen on this aspect. Sun in Libra at 10 degree is at its lowest point, but who know at 28 degree (aroun 14-15 Nov) it can be at its best…
    Much yet to explore…Good blog.

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