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Rahu and Saturn in Libra – what you need to know now – before events intensify!
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Saturn and Rahu in Libra closely conjunct - Powerful Pressurizing Energies Can Rock Your World

Vedic Astrology: Jyotish With Paula Blog – Feb. 4/2013

Author:  Paula Johnsen, M.A.

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 1.  Prepare yourself to deal with pressures and changetwo powerful malefics, Rahu and Saturn conjoin and occupy Libra from  Jan. 13, 2013 until July 13, 2014 – sign of business, partnerships, and relationships.

2.  Business is not as usual: Saturn/Rahu conjunction portends pressures, stress and sudden upsets in economy, geography, environment, and politics.

3.  Global impact may be felt – negative and positive effects outlined: watch for a collective crises mentality August 1 – October 30, 2013,  intensifying September 17th  (exact Rahu/Saturn conjunction).

4.  Jyotish With Paula Advice: 10 top tips on “what to avoid” and “what to favour” to make August – October easier.

5.  Jyotish With Paula’s Top Ten Health Tips to reduce stress and pressure.

6.  Ascendant examples: where you may feel the pressures, challenges and benefits of Rahu and Saturn in Libra transit.  (Scroll down to bottom of blog for snippets and click your Ascendant to reveal details.)

7. Read Paula’s March 2014 article:  Saturn transits Scorpio 2014 – 2017:  the good, bad and downright ugly!

 Paula has made adorable e-books for each Ascendant - brimming with tips of what to favor and avoid during Saturn’s transit of Scorpio.  View them online here

Rahu and Saturn in Libra – why can this conjunction shake things up?

On January 15 2013, Rahu joined Saturn in Libra – the sign of business, partnerships and relationships.  These two powerful planets will stay together in Libra until July 13, 2014 – about 18 months. September 17th of this year, Rahu and Saturn will be at the same degree in Libra. Things could really heat up and intensify for about a month before and after this date.

When any two malefics join together in the cosmic sky, Jyotishis tend get a frown on their faces and often predict difficult or challenging events. When two first-rate malefics like Saturn and Rahu join, which is a fairly rare event, Jyotishis’ frowns get deeper and they tend to predict dire events individually and collectively.

Some are particularly concerned about earthquakes, plagues, confrontations and extreme governmental upsets during this conjunction.  Others are nervous of the economy and a sudden downturn in the global markets, and what this will mean for business in the global economy.  Yet others are expressing concern about unexpected, widely spread health events or terrorist activities that may have a global impact.

Is there any basis to worry?

Let’s look at this logically, together.  The best way to do so is to look at what Saturn and Rahu signify in a Jyotish Chart:

Saturn  is the planet of responsibility, contraction and pressure.  

Without Saturn, nothing would get done.  He’s the task master that ensures that we focus, pay our dues, do our duty, and can bring suffering, particularly if we don’t follow through with a good work ethic or are undisciplined.  He’s the great leveler of the playing field of life.  

Completely democratic in nature, he sees no difference between the highest and the lowest: all are the same in his vision.  He’s the planet furthest away from the Sun, (but is the Sun’s son), and as such, is full of light – but more at a transcendental level.  In Libra (his exaltation sign) he does reward hard work and focus in the business, partnership and legal areas of life, but tends to give us our rewards at the end of a series of challenging events.

Most Jyotishi’s agree that Saturn represents obstructions, calamities, poverty, resistance and delays in a Jyotish chart.  Saturn also represents mines, minerals and oils deep within the earth; some say he represents the earth itself, and the southern direction. 

Rahu is the planet of illusion, obsession and urgency

Rahu  is the first addict of the galaxy – one who will do anything to fulfill his needs and desires – even risk getting his head snipped off, in doing so.  Like the cosmic snake that he is, he doesn’t move in a straight line and tends to strike suddenly and venomously.  

Rahu also deals with sudden change, technologies, politics, mysterious events, plagues, theft, the spirit world, the unconventional, alternative thinking, foreigners, unfounded fears, obsessiveness, science, the press (news) and the south-west direction.

With  Saturn and Rahu  in LIbra we get a mixture of their influences 

Some of the negative effects of this combination may be:  

  • pressured urgency in the news, obsessive work patterns, upheavals to create democracy and political overturns
  • nuclear activity or sudden nuclear strikes between countries
  • enforced political domination by foreigners or outsiders (some say this can include outside of earth’s boundaries)
  • calamities or sudden transformations deep in the earth, including earthquakes – particularly in the south or southwest quadrants of countries, states, or provinces
  • whirl winds or storms that could cause wide-spread damage and destruction – scattering things like the wind
  • fear of global poverty – or a great levelling of the world economy 
  • toxic waste or oil spills resulting in panic
  • fear of oil shortage and panic as a result (both may be based on illusory predictions)
  • resistance or fear about foreigners and foreign thinking
  • many news events about global challenges
  • panics or fears about pressures or sudden changes in global  health
  • fears or obsessions about political and monetary events
  • panic about law suits or trouble with enemies
  • obsessive interest in bringing punishment to those who have wronged (or are viewed to have wronged) others
For every possible negative predictive effect, there may be an equally positive outcome

Some of the positive effects of this conjunction may be:  

  • steady technological advancements and “outside the box” transformations
  • alternative energy sources found within the structure of the earth or outside of earth boundaries
  • sudden gains in oil or mineral finds in unexpected locations
  • sudden creative solutions to illnesses, plagues, and toxic spills
  • interest in and access to transformational spiritual energies
  • news or press interest in positive events showing steady change and progress
  • global family concepts – working together towards transformational world improvement
  • gains for all and not just a few
  • an opportunity to see if we as people and nations are creating the world we wish
  • seeing the illusory effects of the world-wide news system – which may encourage unnecessary panic and fear 
  • harnessing of clean nuclear power to advance the world economy
  • elimination of global terrorism through wise use of ancient techniques of peace, balance and harmony

favicon Jyotish With Paula Advice:

Ten tips to make August – October easier:

Rahu and Saturn in Libra conjunction:


  • worry is the domain of Saturn and Rahu, as they are both vata (or wind based) doshas – when together, worrying and fussing escalate 
  • confrontation and pressure – particularly in groups
  • speculative ventures in the market unless you’re an expert – world markets may undulate (Rahu) and extremes can result
  • feelings of urgency to invest based on fear  – example: fear of oil or mineral (Saturn) shortages (which may be entirely illusory) 
  • air travel in the month before and after the exact conjunction September 17th
  • politically sensitive areas –  challenges can intensify
  • well-recognized earthquake and whirl wind (including hurricane) areas – could intensify greatly as the year proceeds  
  • planning trips or holidays in the south-west quadrants of any nation from August – October: things can get shaky
  • legal, marital, and business disputes or you may find yourself obsessing endlessly about unfavorable results
  • spending too much time watching the news – feeding fear based thinking


  • common sense (Saturn loves the common touch)
  • make decisions from a settled mind and feelings 
  • unexpected advancements in technologies at this time that civilization can use for alternative energy sources
  • environmental clean up, health care, computer and business technologies to promote progress for humanity –  there could be success in investments in these areas
  • countries working together to help other countries in need – make pledges and offer contributions to group efforts
  • kinder behavior to your neighbours from different cultures and charitable to people from other lands
  • gains in the mines/minerals/oil businesses – investigate and invest as you feel
  • gentler, friendlier ways to solve disagreements by not pursuing legal action
  • activities that take the strain out of relationships
  • riding out the Saturn/Rahu conjunction in a settled or meditative place – knowing things tend to work out in the long-term
favicon From the health perspective – 10 top tips to ease the stress
  • meditate regularly – good to meditate more when we find we’re under a lot of stress or working too hard
  • keep up a good routine including relaxation, entertainment and exercise routines -avoid working too hard to make things happen
  • when you find yourself obsessing or feeling pressured, sit back and let go a little
  • best not to travel too much this year:  air travel at this time can really increase worry and sleeplessness
  • best not to make critical decisions from August – October – you may feel frantic and this can impact your health
  • if you know you don’t react well to sudden market changes, better to place your assets elsewhere and feel peaceful
  • listen to your intuition – don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right
  • fear of plagues and pestilence can grip the news –  panic may be illusory driven, so listen carefully to positive world events
  • take care of health concerns that seem sudden – seek out a second or third opinion before acting on news like “immediate surgery required”
  • think carefully and practically before diving into anything that feels like it’s urgency driven
 faviconYour Ascendant reveals the pressures/challenges/benefits of this transit

Please note that the information below refers to Vedic Ascendants and applies generally to the Rahu and Saturn in Libra conjunction.  (For more personalized information, about how this conjunction applies to you –   book a reading with Paula).

You may wish to also read the following from your Vedic Sun (see the dates listed) and Moon for other valuable information about the impact of the Rahu/Saturn Conjunction on your life this year.  

 Click your Ascendant for more detailed info about this year. (Snippets are shown.)

  • Aries Ascendant:  (April 14 – May 14)   Rahu & Saturn in Libra are transiting your 7th house of partnerships, relationships, business and living in foreign lands. “This is a great time to set some boundaries in business and personal relationships. You could be fixated on how to move things forward in your business, or feeling you are in a nightmare of pressures that has you dreaming of living in an exotic foreign land, leaving all responsibilities behind. Feelings could be equally intense with…”


  •  Taurus Ascendant:  (May 15 – June 14)   Rahu & Saturn in Libra are transiting your 6th house of enemies, illness, obstructions, service, and counseling. “A veritable whirlwind of energy is blowing in your 6th house, and you may be overcoming all kinds of incredible odds – well on your way to eliminating any obstructions in your way. Saturn is your yoga karaka planet (best friend for your ascendant), and it will be showing you major…” 


  • Gemini Ascendant:  (June 15 – July 14)  Rahu & Saturn in Libra are transiting your 5th house of intellectual mind, children, romance, publishing, stock market, and sports.You may feel like you’ve got a storm whirling away in your mind and in your solar plexus – worrying and obsessing about nearly everything. Things like: romance and marriage are knocking at your door – but the relationship is complicated; children are cause for concern…”


  • Cancer Ascendant:  (July 16 – August 16)  Rahu & Saturn in Libra are transiting your 4th house of emotional mind, conveyances, mother and relatives.Everything is intensifying on the home and heart front. Repairs may become big issues and the “got-to-fix-it” or “move immediately” mentality is now looming.  You may also get a contract to manage an older building (property management). Your mother’s health may be suffering, and if you’re around 29 or 59 years old, you may be feeling the pressure of taking care of your mom or …”


  • Leo Ascendant:  (Aug. 17 – Sept. 16)  Rahu & Saturn in Libra are transiting your 3rd house of courage, hobbies, brothers, co-workers, fine arts, productions and local travel. Leo’s have a well-placed transit of Rahu & Saturn, in the 3rd house, so you may not feel the personal intensity as some of the other Ascendants. However, you may be in a whirlwind of urgent pressure to attend to personal interests including computer-work, hobbies, and the fine arts. You may be…”


  • Virgo Ascendant:  (Sept 17 -Oct. 16)  Rahu and Saturn in Libra are transiting your 2nd house of speech, communication, money and family life. The good news is that you may feel a strong whirlwind of activity happening in all things related to family, money and communications. You can make a lot of money this year by using independent, out of the box thinking, and communication styles. Technologies can be sources of earning if you apply…”


  • Libra Ascendant:  (Oct. 17 – Nov. 15)  Rahu & Saturn are transiting your first house of personality, body and self. You may find yourself working twice as hard as you used to and developing workaholic tendencies. A very strong influence of Rahu and Saturn are in your first house – so your personality and body can be affected by Vata (worry and wind imbalances). You may feel scattered like the wind this year unless you…”


  • Scorpio Ascendant:  (Nov. 16 – Dec. 15)  Rahu & Saturn in Libra are transiting your 12th house of bed pleasures, transcendence, foreign (distant) travel, ashrams, hospitals, and prisons. “This is the perfect time for intense Scorpios to take a breather, relax, plan a vacation, and go deep into meditation. You may find that you’re happiest at the thought of relaxing on a beach, having fabulous spa experiences, or spending some time at an exotic…” 


  • Sagittarius Ascendant: (Dec. 16 – Jan 13)  Rahu & Saturn in Libra are transiting your 11th house of elder brother, friends, groups, liquid wealth, gains and mutual funds. “Sagittarians can find that a lot of energy is being directed towards movements and causes, friends and groups – what’s happening with them, their ups and downs and all the drama occurring. An elder sibling or friend may be having some…”


  • Capricorn Ascendant:  (Jan. 14 – Feb. 12) Rahu & Saturn in Libra are transiting your 10th house of career and duty. “Congratulations, your Ascendant is exalted this year! This means that this transit will generally be good for you. You’ve been working hard all along and now you love the positive attention and appreciation – which may show up as a raise or promotion at work. You’re finally getting praise for all of your efforts! Be careful not to…”


  • Aquarius Ascendant:  (Feb. 13 – Mar. 13)   Rahu & Saturn in Libra are transiting your 9th house of good fortune, publishing, foreign travel, gurus. Body part: hips. The lord of your Ascendant sign, Saturn, is exalted this year – congratulations! You may have the good fortune to travel to distant foreign lands, meeting alternative or spiritual teachers that interest you. There’s a good chance of publishing a…”


  • Pisces Ascendant:   (Mar. 14 – Apr. 13) Rahu and Saturn in Libra are transiting your 8th house of transformation, partner’s money, critical illnesses and inheritances. “Pisces may be feeling under tremendous pressure this year and experiencing highly transforming experiences. Good news is you may also benefit from inheritances, insurance claims, occult knowledge, and your partner’s money. It won’t be an easy road, however, and I suggest that you…”

Want to know more?

Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog All Rights Reserved
Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. Copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2013 – Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved

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