Urgent Questions Reading – Prashna


Have an urgent question about something happening right now ?  Have a prashna reading & get answers...

Have an urgent question about something happening right now ? Have a prashna reading & get answers…










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Urgent Questions Reading – Prashna


Urgent Questions Reading – Prashna

can really help when you need to know something now!

A Basic Reading will show whether it is generally a good/bad time for buying houses, whether it’s a generally pressured time, or if it looks good for employment in general,  but it won’t answer questions about that specific house, or job, or current pressures in a specific domain of life.

This is where a Prashna Chart – question of the moment comes to the rescue

Up to 3 questions can be handled in this 60 minute reading – though you may opt to just have one question answered in detail.  Depends on your preference.  Paula does her best to accommodate you.  Should you have any questions after reviewing your reading, a 30-minute LIVE with Paula Skype appointment can be arranged to clarify.


A client had a specific question about a real estate purchase; noted the exact time she walked across the threshold of the home and forwarded the details to me for a Prashna Brief (15-minute, one-question reading)   My response to her was: “Based on the Prashna Chart, I don’t recommend purchasing this home.  There are foundation issues that will cost a great deal of money to repair.  An inspection will show the flaws in the home.”

Though the client was initially disappointed, because she really, really wanted to buy the house, here’s what she stated after receiving the suggested house inspection report.

Urgent Questions Reading – Prashna for buying a home

Thanks, Paula for the Prashna reading and your kind advice. 

Though I loved the house on the Island, you were absolutely right!  The inspection report showed substantial flaws in the foundation. I’d be paying huge sums of money for the repairs now, if I hadn’t had the reading done. Initially I was terribly disappointed, but now I’m simply relieved.  I’ve saved a whole lot of money!”  

Best wishes, Arlene K., Alberta

Urgent Questions Reading -Prashna for animals


“In your Prashna Reading you mentioned health issues for a number of my animals – horses and dogs in particular.  (I have many of them and consider them like family.)  You encouraged me to prepare mentally and emotionally – just in case.    Though it was a little upsetting to hear at the time, I did have an opportunity to think about it, and be easy with whatever may come.  Within two weeks, two of my prized horses developed a serious illness, and passed away within 24 hours.  Within a month one of my show dogs had passed away – again peacefully and without pain.  I’m very grateful for the preparation the reading gave me and the grace and sensitivity with which you handled a very emotionally charged issue.” 

TSH, Alberta

Urgent Questions Reading – Prashna for employment


“I was called to come in for an interview on a job I’d applied for, and asked you to do a Prashna Brief Reading for me, on how the interview would go, and would I get the job. You gave me some very interesting information about the process of the interview, the person who was going to be interviewing me, and the job itself.  I thought you may like some feedback about what you’d mentioned.

1.  You mentioned that the interview would be delayed for some time after I arrived.   The interview was delayed for about 15 minutes.

2.  You mentioned that the man interviewing me was under a lot of pressure with the business, both financially and personally.   The business was undergoing  transformations and changes as a result of financial pressures and it was creating a lot of personal pressure for the man interviewing me.

3.  You mentioned that though it looked like there was a job, and that I may be offered the job – the job may not actually exist right now.   I was offered the job, told I was just the right person for it, and that he’d be calling my references and hiring me the following Monday.  After not hearing back from him for two weeks, I called him.  He mentioned his company was going through too many upheavals right now, and that they’d decided not to bring on anyone new at this time.  They’d be reconsidering the position next year. ​ So, Paula, your Prashna reading was very accurate.  I must say that it allowed me to be a bit less attached and nervous about the interview process and whether or not I’d get the job, by having some advance notice  on what may happen.  I must admit I was a bit skeptical, too.

When I arrived and was kept waiting, I began to chuckle and relax, wondering what would happen next.  When I met the interviewer and found him to be very stressed by the upheavals in his business, I wasn’t surprised.  When he offered me the job on the spot, I nodded and thought “let’s wait and see what happens.”  When I didn’t get the job, I wasn’t as disappointed, knowing that it may happen in the future.” ​ ​

Thanks for the great Prashna reading!

Richard C., Alberta​

Urgent Questions Reading – Prashna – for beginning a law suit


“I passed your Prashna reading on to my daughter as you suggested. ​ Initially, she wasn’t thrilled at your answer to the question about whether she was making the right decision to fight the provincial certification agency. She was feeling very much in mood for a good battle– angry and moody as you mentioned– and feeling blocked from every side. Things that used to be easy were now difficult. She was feeling upset and wanted to push ahead and force the situation. ​ After reading your analysis herself, she saw the wisdom in not pursuing any battles with institutions at this time; that it was best to bide her time and continue on with the final year of her degree and then see what happens. You mentioned that the chances were very high right now for losing any battle and that the fight may wear her out. My daughter said, “I wish I’d known this before I got my certification in another province; it could have saved me a lot of time!” ​ I can see she’s learned a lot from this, particularly about decision-making and thinking carefully to ensure a good backup plan. Your insights are very much appreciated.”             

Ken A., Alberta


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Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog All Rights Reserved

Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. Copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved