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Paula Johnsen is a published writer and author of the E-book:  Jyotish is Fun!

Testimonials – what Paula’s clients are saying…

Have one brief, urgent question for Paula? Prashna Brief is for you...

Have one brief, urgent question for Paula? Prashna Brief is for you…

Prashna Brief – one urgent question

“Paula, I had an urgent question about an on-again off-again long-distance relationship and whether or not I should continue with it.  Even though you said that it didn’t look favorable and in fact may be a relationship that wouldn’t be helpful to me to continue – you mentioned that I would feel some relief the next day or two.  You also pointed out a few areas that may have some bright news.  That night I slept  peacefully and the next day I received some good news  in one of those areas you outlined. That news certainly made me feel better and I feel I can now move on and be open to a new relationship.  The other one is definitely over! I’m happy to give you a testimonial and recommend your services to anyone.”

Katherine, USA

Have one brief, urgent question for Paula? Prashna Brief is for you...

Have one brief, urgent question for Paula? Prashna Brief is for you…

Prashna Brief – one urgent question

“I  enjoyed my reading with you, Paula.  I appreciate the care, concern and compassion expressed about the challenging situation I’m going through with my son.  Your predictions were accurate about the continued intense time I’m in and the anxiety level I may experience.   There is some relief in knowing that things may ease next year.  I liked the insights you gave about motherhood and how we have a tendency to over-give without thought for our own health and well-being.   Your analogy about when emergency comes up on an airplane, and the airbags are released – that the pilot advises you to put the airbag on yourself first and then help others – was a good reminder to me.  You provided a free remedial measure in the form of Japa, for me to do at home regularly, which I appreciate.   I’d like to express my gratitude for the kindness and understanding I received from you and am happy to recommend your services to anyone.”

Padma, U.S.A.

The Basic Reading is the best place to start! Highlights personality, deep insights, 2-year trends & remedials to get you through...

Basic Reading is the best place to start…

Basic Reading Package – 60 minute audio + 30 min. LIVE with Paula

“Paula, you have an amazing gift!  In the audio portion of my reading you helped me understand my grander purpose here on earth – some of the spiritual and material gifts I’ve come in with, as well as some of the obstacles.  The great thing is – you took the time to let me know how I could ease things right now.  I enjoyed your section on what to favor and avoid to make my experiences smoother and happier and get through the really challenging time I’m going through.   You also gave me some Japa (remedial measures) that I’m practicing on my own and feeling much better because of doing these simple things. I liked everything, really!  My favorite parts were the 10-top tips just for me for more success in life, the spiritual and material keys to my ascendant sign, and the 30-minutes follow up with you on the phone!  It was great to connect and speak personally.  I’m very grateful for the generous reading you’ve provided me with and the answers to so many unspoken questions and am happy to recommend your services to anyone!”

Jane Hawthorpe, USA

The Basic Reading is the best place to start! Highlights personality, deep insights, 2-year trends & remedials to get you through...

Basic Reading is the best place to start…

Basic Reading – 60 minute audio + 30 min. LIVE with Paula

I thoroughly enjoyed my Jyotish With Paula Basic Reading.  I ordered the 60 minute audio version.  It was very complete, easy to understand and organized in such a way that I could easily access the knowledge for future listening.   In fact, I didn’t need to access the optional 30-minute LIVE with Paula, via Skype to have up to three points clarified about the reading.  Everything was very clear in the audio link. What I enjoyed most  about the reading was how Paula revealed subtle aspects of my personality that I keep to myself.  She did this without having any knowledge of me at all except for my birth time and location which did amaze me. Very interesting reading!  I’m pleased to give a testimonial recommending Paula’s Jyotish readings and services to anyone.”

Christine Curtis, England

10286309-circle-with-zodiac-constellations-around-sun-on-the-sky Basic Reading – 60 minutes audio + 30 min. live with Paula

“Jyotish With Paula stands in a class by itself.  Paula’s readings are deep and detailed, revealing the essence of ourselves, sparking transformation, the catalyst for achieving our long-cherished desires.

 If you desire more than the usual Vedic Astrology Reading, I recommend you call upon Paula for an extraordinary experience of deepening self-knowledge, complete with astute guidance in how to optimally navigate the astral “weather” the stars are set to bring you.”

Lauren White, M.D.

10286309-circle-with-zodiac-constellations-around-sun-on-the-skyBasic Reading – 60 +30 min. LIVE 

Our family had been going through a very challenging time. We contacted Paula for a Jyotish Reading for each of us.  It was very  interesting to see the look of amazement on our children’s faces as we reviewed the Vedic Astrology readings with them.  Not only did Paula clearly describe the​ir nature and tendencies, she also revealed concerns and issues they hadn’t yet expressed.  We also found that the readings brought our family closer as we got to know each other better.

My daughter’s jaw dropped as Paula outlined the kinds of challenging boyfriends she had experienced (as well as the kind she should look for in the future).  She also described my daughter’s particularly rough 3-year university experience, what she was going through now, and let us know when the situation may improve for her.   

My son was very taken with Paula’s humorous approach to typical teenage angst issues.  Her description of his character and tendencies were delightfully and accurately outlined.  Several suggestions for career and educational choices were made that felt very in tune with his interests and hobbies.

As for my wife and I, we were so impressed and confident in the accuracy of the readings for ourselves and our family,  that we requested three Prashna Readings (answering urgent questions) for our parents.

​​Thank you, Paula!”

With appreciation from K.J.N&Z….family of four, Red Deer, Alberta   


 10286309-circle-with-zodiac-constellations-around-sun-on-the-sky  Basic Reading – 60 +30 min. LIVE

“Paula gives the most amazing Vedic Astrology – Jyotish readings!  She’s reminded me of the big picture in my life and touched upon areas that other Jyotish readings have never revealed.  She also gently brought my attention to health issues that needed to be addressed right away with my physicians. Some remedial measures I can easily do at home were also suggested. I’m so grateful.”  Sheresze Hilford, Alberta

muhurta reading picture  To Set an Important Date – Muhurta (2 – 4 hrs. of research) 

Dear Paula

Thanks for your input on the Vedic Astrology Muhurta. It was presented so beautifully as well! I feel that you’ve selected a great day to put my home up for sale. It fits in with my plans just perfectly. I really enjoyed the details of why you selected this particular date and why the time of 10:30 a.m. was ideal.

Thanks for your efforts on my behalf. I always enjoy your readings so much.​”    

 Arlene K., Alberta

 10286309-circle-with-zodiac-constellations-around-sun-on-the-sky Basic Reading – 60 – 90 minutes


I want to thank you for the Vedic Astrology – Jyotish Basic Reading you did for me. I found it thorough and thought-provoking. Knowing more about my chart helps me to understand various tendencies and personality traits that I have. It also explained certain physical attributes. The suggestions you made regarding transitions were put forward in a friendly manner and seemed practical.  Overall, I find the knowledge gained from the reading has created a feeling of joyousness.  Thanks once again.”  

Geraldine J., Ontario

 prashna one-hour reading picture Urgent Questions -60 minute reading – Prashna


In your Vedic Astrology Prashna Reading you mentioned health issues for a number of my animals – horses and dogs in particular.  (I have many of them and consider them like family.)  You encouraged me to prepare mentally and emotionally – just in case.    Though it was a little upsetting to hear at the time, I did have an opportunity to think about it, and be easy with whatever may come.  Within two weeks, two of my prized horses developed a serious illness, and passed away within 24 hours.  Within a month one of my show dogs had passed away – again peacefully and without pain.  I’m very grateful for the preparation the reading gave me and the grace and sensitivity with which you handled a very emotionally charged issue.” 

TSH, Alberta

varshphal picture  Annual Birthday Reading – Varshphal

 Dear Paula,

 “I wish to thank you for the most revealing Vedic Astrology birthday chart you drew up for me this year.   You mentioned that there were confirmations in this chart of some ongoing health issues that needed to be attended to.  You mentioned that both charts (my birth chart and the birthday chart) pointed to the heart as the main culprit. This surprised me quite a bit, as I have certainly had lung and asthma conditions for many years, but my heart has been ticking along pretty well. After reading your written analysis more closely, I booked an appointment with a family doctor and asked her to check out my heart – just as a point of interest.  As she investigated, she sent me off to a specialist and it turns out I need to have heart surgery as soon as possible.  I’m very grateful for the head’s up this has given me, as now I have time to get my affairs in order, and have my many beloved animals shipped off to temporary homes until my hospital stay is over.”

 With appreciation, Sheresze, Alberta

prashna brief picture  Urgent Question – Prashna Brief :  15 minutes/ 1 inquiry


“I was called to come in for an interview on a job I’d applied for, and asked you to do a  Vedic Astrology Prashna Brief Reading for me, on how the interview would go, and would I get the job. You gave me some very interesting information about the process of the interview, the person who was going to be interviewing me, and the job itself.  I thought you may like some feedback about what you’d mentioned.1.  You mentioned that the interview would be delayed for some time after I arrived.   The interview was delayed for about 15 minutes.

2.  You mentioned that the man interviewing me was under a lot of pressure with the business, both financially and personally.   The business was undergoing  transformations and changes as a result of financial pressures and it was creating a lot of personal pressure for the man interviewing me.

3.  You mentioned that though it looked like there was a job, and that I may be offered the job – the job may not actually exist right now.   I was offered the job, told I was just the right person for it, and that he’d be calling my references and hiring me the following Monday.  After not hearing back from him for two weeks, I called him.  He mentioned his company was going through too many upheavals right now, and that they’d decided not to bring on anyone new at this time.  They’d be reconsidering the position next year.

So, Paula, your Prashna reading was very accurate.  I must say that it allowed me to be a bit less attached and nervous about the interview process and whether or not I’d get the job, by having some advance notice  on what may happen.  I must admit I was a bit sceptical, too.When I arrived and was kept waiting, I began to chuckle and relax, wondering what would happen next.  When I met the interviewer and found him to be very stressed by the upheavals in his business, I wasn’t surprised.  When he offered me the job on the spot, I nodded and thought “let’s wait and see what happens.”  When I didn’t get the job, I wasn’t as disappointed, knowing that it may happen in the future.”

​Thanks for the great Prashna Brief reading!Richard C., Alberta​

prashna one-hour reading picture  Urgent Questions –  60 minute reading


I passed your Vedic Astrology Prashna reading on to my daughter as you suggested.

Initially, she wasn’t thrilled at your answer to the question about whether she was making the right decision to fight the provincial certification agency. She was feeling very much in mood for a good battle– angry and moody as you mentioned– and feeling blocked from every side. Things that used to be easy were now difficult. She was feeling upset and wanted to push ahead and force the situation.

After reading your analysis herself, she saw the wisdom in not pursuing any battles with institutions at this time; that it was best to bide her time and continue on with the final year of her degree and then see what happens. You mentioned that the chances were very high right now for losing any battle and that the fight may wear her out. My daughter said, “I wish I’d known this before I got my certification in another province; it could have saved me a lot of time!”

I can see she’s learned a lot from this, particularly about decision-making and thinking carefully to ensure a good backup plan. Your insights are very much appreciated.”              

Ken A., Alberta


muhurta reading pictureTo Set an Important Date – Muhurta Reading

Dear Paula,

“I want to thank you for the Vedic Astrology Muhurta reading that you recently did for me to start a  business.  I felt well taken care of knowing that you were thoroughly examining all the possible charts to give an auspicious incorporation time.  As you mentioned, I still have to go through the necessary activities to have a successful business.  However, with the Muhurta you have chosen, I feel an extra blessing for this new beginning.  I also found the background information you provided to support the Muhurta choice was both inspiring and informative.

Once again, thank you!”

Geraldine, Ontario


Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog All Rights Reserved

Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. Copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved