Setting Important Dates – Muhurta Reading


Setting Important Dates – Muhurta

To set an important date that is in tune with the cosmic energy of the planned event.  Maximize nature's support!

To set an important date that is in tune with the cosmic energy of the planned event. Maximize nature’s support!


Setting Important Dates – Muhurta

Well begun is half done.  A Muhurta selects a specific date to get maximum support for a good beginning in an important event.

​A Muhurta sets a start date for anything you wish to begin well.  Setting a wedding date, starting a business or partnership, moving to a new home,  or selling your existing property, are just a few of the kinds of events that a Muhurta chart is useful for.  Certain days of the week are more auspicious than others for specific events; certain times of the year are best for others.

Setting an Important Date takes time and careful planning: It takes from two – four hours of research to find a good time, suited to the activity, and suited to the person(s) requesting the Muhurta.  Therefore, only one event is addressed in each Muhurta.

Some examples

Types of questions to consider:

Setting Important Dates – Muhurta Reading  to start a business:

  • what kind of business is being created?  (certain days and times suit certain businesses better)
  • is this a partnership or sole proprietorship? 
  • what are the birth details of the people involved (date, time, city, state, country)?
  • what city will the business run in – as opposed to where it will be registered?
  • can registration and filing of paperwork take place anytime, or are there specific hours required?
  • is this a home-based business, local, or an international business?
  • are there plans to start as one kind of business and become another? 
  • is there a specific date you need to start the business by?
  • what kind of timeline is available – within  1 month,  3 months, 6 months, a year?
  • are you flexible about dates if a better Muhurta is found?

Setting Important Dates – Muhurta Reading to plan a wedding:

Note:  Many people in the western hemisphere choose to get married on Saturday.  From the Jyotish perspective Saturday (Saturn day) is a good day for hard work, suffering and effort – not a day for celebratory events involving love and harmony.  Saturday marriages generally involve too much work and not enough happiness.  Selecting Saturday for a wedding date could be one of the main reasons that 50% of marriages in North America end in divorce.

I don’t suggest getting married on a Saturday for this reason.

It is important to carefully plan to encourage greatest support from the laws of nature on the day you begin your important event.   This requires careful review of the birth charts of the individuals involved to plan for a day that will maximize smoothness, joy and happiness.   Muhurta can save time, avoid unnecessary heartbreak, and help ensure a smoother road to marital success.  

Questions to consider:

  • what is the timeline to plan the wedding? – a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year?
  • is there any day of the week this wedding must take place?
  • will there be people travelling a great distance to participate?  What if they are late to the event – is this relevant?
  • what is the earliest and latest time of day to start and finish the event?
  • are you flexible about dates if a better Muhurta is found?
  • can the registration papers be filed at any time, or specific registry hours?
  • what do you and your partner feel is the “actual” wedding time – time of vows, time of registration, when you’re introduced as partners?
  • birth data of partners involved – city, state, country, time of birth (am/pm)

There are Muhurtas available for nearly every important date in your life: well begun is half done!

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