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The Basic Reading is the best place to start! Highlights personality, deep insights, 2-year trends & remedials to get you through...

A Basic Reading is the best place to start…


Paula deeply analyzes your Jyotish chart and selects just the right information and key pointers to put together an inspirational package of Vedic Astrology guidance – just for you! 

The Basic Reading Package


The Basic Reading Package includes a one-hour audio recording 

One hour audio includes:

most important life issues – including your life purpose

• detailed profile of how you see the world including your personality analysis

• unique talents and gifts and how to access them

• spiritual and material keys to success

• challenges – current and upcoming

  • how to find relief right now
  • including when the situation may improve and how to get through

•general trends for the upcoming year by transit (motion of the planets) – where to speed ahead and where to be cautious

• trends for the upcoming 2 years by Maha Dasa (large period of time you are currently in) – where to be cautious and beneficial times ahead

Plus,  you choose the ONE special bonus you’d like to receive the most:

  • 30 minutes LIVE with Paula (via Skype)  
  • Paula’s 10-top tips to make your life easier and more successful
  • Japa or remedial measures recommendation


Basic Reading Package – 60 minute audio  – plus choose the bonus you’d like most:

Bonuses available to select from:

  • 30 minutes LIVE with Paula (via Skype)  
  • Paula’s 10-top tips to make your life easier and more successful
  • Japa or remedial measures recommendation

“Jyotish With Paula stands in a class by itself. Paula’s readings are deep and detailed, revealing the essence of ourselves, sparking transformation, the catalyst for achieving our long-cherished desires. If you desire more than the usual Vedic Astrology Reading, I recommend you call upon Paula for an extraordinary experience of deepening self-knowledge, complete with astute guidance in how to optimally navigate the astral “weather” the stars are set to bring you.

Lauren White, M.D. USA

Basic Reading Package  – with a special bonus – you choose which bonus you prefer

“Paula, you have an amazing gift! In the audio portion of my reading you helped me understand my grander purpose here on earth – some of the spiritual and material gifts I’ve come in with, as well as some of the obstacles. The great thing is Paula – you took the time to let me know how I could ease things right now. I enjoyed your section on what to favor and avoid to make my experiences smoother and happier and get through the really challenging time I’m going through. You also gave me some Japa (remedial measures) that I’m practicing on my own and feeling much better because of doing these simple things. I really liked the 30 minutes follow up with you on the phone! It was great to connect and speak personally. I’m very grateful for the generous reading you’ve provided me with and the answers to so many unspoken questions.”

Jane Hawthorpe, USA

Basic Reading Package

“Our family had been going through a very challenging time. We contacted Paula for a Jyotish Reading for our children. It was very interesting to see the look of amazement on their faces as we reviewed the Vedic Astrology readings with them. Not only did Paula clearly describe the​ir nature and tendencies, she also revealed concerns and issues they hadn’t yet expressed. We also found that the readings brought our family closer as we got to know each other better.

My daughter’s jaw dropped as Paula outlined the kinds of challenging boyfriends she had experienced (as well as the kind she should look for in the future). She also described my daughter’s particularly rough 3-year university experience, what she was going through now, and let us know when the situation may improve for her.

My son was very taken with Paula’s humorous approach to typical teenage angst issues. Her description of his character and tendencies were delightfully and accurately outlined. Several suggestions for career and educational choices were made that felt very in tune with his interests and hobbies.

We were so impressed with Paula’s readings that we ordered two additional Basic Readings for ourselves, as well as two Prashna Readings about our parents’ health issues.

K&J&N&Z – Family of Four, Alberta


What is required for a Basic Reading

  • Birth time – exact as possible – am/pm
  • Location – city, province, (state)country of birth
  • Whether daylight savings was in effect at time of birth
Where can I get my birth data?
  •   Hospital records – try to get the vault records
  •   Reliable sources like mom and family members
  •   Other family members may be more reliable than ageing parent(s) memory 
I don’t know my birth time details – can a chart still be drawn up for me?

A birth chart can still be drawn up – even if you don’t know your exact birth time, so don’t worry.  You’d select a Prashna Reading.

(A special reading called a Prashna Reading is drawn up in this instance.  The chart is valid to read and refer back to for about a year. )

More details and to book a Basic Reading

Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog All Rights Reserved

Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. Copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved