One urgent question – Prashna Brief


Have one brief, urgent question for Paula? Prashna Brief is for you...

Have one brief, urgent question for Paula? Prashna Brief is for you…

One Urgent Question – Prashna Brief

One Urgent Question – Prashna Brief

1.  You have one urgent question about something important to you.

2.  The answer doesn’t take more than 15 minutes of Paula’s time.

Best kinds of questions are urgently felt by you and can be given a direct “yes” or “no” answer.  More details are provided, but the answer should be able to be clear and about one issue. Please avoid “or” questions.

Examples of correct kinds of Prashna questions to ask:

1.  I’ve visited a house I’m interested in making an offer on (walked through the threshold on X date, city, location, time).  I really want to buy it! Is this a good property to place an offer? 

2.  I have an urgent question about my first-born son. He’s going through difficult legal battle now.  Does it look favorable for him to succeed?

3.  I’m in an off-again, on-again long-distance relationship.  This is really upsetting to me.  I need to know if I should continue as we have been.  Does it look favorable for our relationship to succeed?

4.  I have a job interview for a property management position (on x date, location, time.)  Will I get the job?

Examples of incorrect (prashna) questions.  The question may be appropriate for a different kind of Jyotish Reading.

1.  How does it look for the coming year?   This is too general and not of an urgent nature – this  would be suitable for the Basic Reading Package.

2.  Should I buy this house or the other house?  This is an “or” question.  It is difficult to offer an effective Prashna Reading with this question.   Better to choose one and ask specifically about the home you feel strongly about.

3.  I’d like to pick a good wedding date.  When would be the best date in the next 3 months?   This is a question for a Muhurta Reading – selecting an important date reading.


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Samples of Urgent Questions for One Urgent Question – Prashna Brief

Case One:  An existing client had an urgent question about an upcoming interview:

Q: How will the interview go and does it look positive for me to secure the job?

Paula,I was called for a job interview, and asked you to do a Prashna Reading. You gave me some very interesting information about the process of the interview, the person who was going to be interviewing me, and the job itself.  I thought you may like some feedback on your points:1.  The interview would be delayed for some time after I arrived.  (The interview was delayed for about 15 minutes.)2.  The man interviewing me was under a lot of pressure with the business, both financially and personally. The business was undergoing transformations and changes as a result.  (The interviewer was under pressure, and so was the business.  He expressed both to me as the interview proceeded.)

3.  Though it looked like there was a job and that I may be offered the job; the job may not actually exist right now.  (I was offered the job, told I was just the right person for it, and that he’d be calling my references and hiring me the following Monday. After not hearing back from him for two weeks, I called him.  He mentioned his company was going through too many upheavals right now, and that they’d decided not to bring on anyone new at this time.  They’d be reconsidering the job position next year.)

So, Paula, your Prashna reading was very accurate.  I must say that it allowed me to be a bit less attached and nervous about the interview process and whether I’d get the job. When I arrived and was kept waiting, I began to chuckle and relax, wondering what would happen next.  When I met the interviewer and found him to be very stressed by the upheavals in his business, I wasn’t surprised.  When he offered me the job on the spot, I nodded and thought “let’s wait and see what happens.” 

When I didn’t get the job, I wasn’t as disappointed, knowing that it may happen in the future.”Many thanks! Richard C., Alberta

Case Two:  An existing client had an urgent question about her mother’s hospitalization:

Q: My mother’s health is failing.  How does it look for the coming months?

Paula,“My mom has not been feeling well and is hospitalized in another city.  You encouraged me to go and visit her often and have the kids come up to visit with her as well in the upcoming months.  The chart looked like both she and my father may continue going through quite a challenging time, health-wise.  I’ve found your advice very helpful and timely. Though it is taking extra time and effort to make the weekly trip, it has also brought us closer.  I’ve felt to open up and say some of the things I’ve felt in my heart to her.  It’s been really good to do so.  Thanks so much!”J.S., Alberta


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Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog All Rights Reserved

Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. Copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved