Birthday Reading – Varshphal

 Please note:  I’ve had a number of requests to do this reading or transit readings without doing a Basic Reading first.  Usually people making this request have had other readings performed by other Jyotish analysts. Sorry, but I don’t do secondary readings like the Varshphal (Birthday Chart) or transit reading without the proper foundation.

Proper foundation:  I must personally analyze and understand the Jyotish chart of the client (Janma kundali and supportive charts) carefully and understand the personality of the client before I do secondary readings.  In order to do that, I require that all clients other than the Prashna – Urgent Question Readings and Setting Important Dates (Muhurta) – which are not dependent on the Birth Data of the individual – have a Basic Reading with me first.

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Birthday Reading Varshphal

A Varshphal Chart  called the birthday chart – is calculated on the day of the year that the sun and the moon are in the exact configuration as your date of birth.  (This is referred to as the yoga, or union, between sun and moon.)  A special chart is drawn up each year and analyzed to give more details about how the year will go.

Your Varshphal “birthday” can vary somewhat year to year.  In India, many celebrate their birthday day according to the  Varshphal Chart calculations.

​​A Birthday Reading – Varshphal is very helpful to get specific about upcoming events, particularly health events, each year. Read separately from the Birth Chart, the Varshphal can give accurate and in some instances, quite startling insights that a Basic One Hour Reading may not cover.  Alternatively, it may confirm certain upcoming challenges noted in the birth chart.    

There is an old saying that “three logs make a fire.”  If there are indicators and confirmations from a number of directions suggesting problem areas, or upcoming challenges – it is wise to attend to them. 

To plan your upcoming year effectively, in detail, choose a Birthday Reading – Varshphal.


Dear Paula,“I wish to thank you for the most revealing Birthday chart you drew up for me this year.   You mentioned that there were confirmations in this chart of some ongoing health issues that needed to be attended to.  You also mentioned that both charts (my birth chart and the birthday chart) pointed to the heart as the main culprit. This surprised me quite a bit, as I have certainly had lung and asthma conditions for many years, but my heart has ticked along pretty well. After reading your written analysis more closely, I booked an appointment with a family doctor and asked her to check out my heart – just as a point of interest.  As she investigated, she sent me off to a specialist and it turns out I need to have heart surgery as soon as possible. I’m very grateful for the head’s up this has given me, as now I have time to get my affairs in order, and have my many beloved animals shipped off to temporary homes until my hospital stay is over. “With appreciation, Sheresze, Alberta

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Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog All Rights Reserved

Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. Copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved