Scorpio Ascendant Vedic Sun or Moon loves secrets passion and power: metamorphosis is their boon!

Scorpio Ascendant Vedic Sun or Moon… November 16th, 2013 posting

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Scorpio Ascendant Vedic Sun or Moon

loves secrets passion and power: metamorphosis is their boon!

Highlights of Jyotish With Paula Blog – post Nov. 16, 2013
  • Sun transits Scorpio November 16 – December 15: Scorpio Ascendants, Vedic Sun or Moon – lead lives of change and re-birth
  • Scorpios don’t like things static or routine – they often (even unconsciously) create upheavals in their lives
  • Favorable and unfavorable traits of Scorpio Ascendant, Sun or Moon: how others react to the charismatic, powerful Scorpio personality
  • Scorpios can channel churning passion into passionate awareness leading to a metamorphosis of spirit
  • Jyotish Cafe for Scorpio personalities – highlighting a few of Paula’s top 10 tips to get you through
  • Jyotish With Paula Advice on Vedic Astrology and the cosmic dance of the planetsJyotish With Paula Advice what to favor and avoid for Sun’s transit of Scorpio these suggestions apply year-round to the Scorpio Ascendant, Vedic Sun or Moon

In the Vedic calendar Sun transits Scorpio from November 16 – Dec. 15

All of us begin to feel the influence of the Sun transiting, or moving through Mar’s sign number 8 – the house of transformation and the sign of the Scorpion from November 16th – Dec. 15th.  As a friend of the Sun, transit through a Mars sign is generally considered a good placement.  However, sign 8 in Vedic Astrology represents secrets, upheaval, change, occult (hidden) knowledge,  kundalini, near death experiences, sexual energy, and difficult events.  As the Sun transits Scorpio, there can be a passionate intensity to this transit – full of dramatic changes, manipulation, power struggles, prowess, jealousy, determination and will.

Those of us who have their Vedic Ascendant, Sun or Moon in sign 8, or in the 8th house, or have a number of planets in the 8th sign or 8th house (from the Ascendant, Sun or Moon) will exemplify some of the Scorpio tendencies and characteristics listed below.

Scorpio personality at

Scorpio Ascendant Vedic Sun or Moon loves secrets passion and power: metamorphosis is their boon!

Scorpios lead lives of change and re-birth

Ruled by Mars, the planet of power and energy, Scorpios are charismatic and tend to influence others with their intense personalities, profoundly deep emotions,  and often have very attractive, lithe, and seductive bodies. Like the Scorpion, they like to dominate their surroundings (subtly or otherwise) and bring passion and metamorphosis to their environments. Like the snake shedding its skin, they toss off the status quo regularly – bringing dramatic change to their lives and those they live and work with, or influence. Being an introverted and deeply private personality,  to whom secrets are sacred,  a Scorpio will often surprisingly reveal themselves by saying “you’ll never guess which Ascendant I am!” 

Scorpios don’t like things static or routine – they often (even unconsciously) create upheavals in their lives

Forceful, respected, sometimes feared, the Scorpio personality is a determined one.  They have deep insights to share, like positions of power, and can be profoundly motivating to others in bringing about revolutionary changes.  They make great crisis managers, researchers, medical doctors, pharmacists,  compassionate healers, psychologists, and political leaders bringing change or healing.  This intriguing personality also has the ability to help others through challenging crises and dark nights of the soul, as they know how to tap into the dark or hidden side of the psyche, personality and emotions – often through personal experiences.  Upheavals, drama, and transformations are familiar friends to this Ascendant and many Scorpios create problems, or difficulties in their lives (even unknowingly) so that they can begin the process of change.

The lower scorpio personality tends to sting. jyotishwithpaulablog

The lower Scorpio personality tends to be revengeful and stinging.

Some undeveloped Scorpios, tap deeply into the more negative side of this Ascendant –  taking too many risks, participating in criminal activities or secret liaisons, experimenting with the forbidden, taking drugs or alcohol secretively, harboring grudges, favoring anger, possessiveness, jealousy and power through domination and control.  And, for those who choose to favor this side of the personality, like the Scorpion with its poisonous tail, they can bring a stinging conclusion to any disagreement – through punishment and lashing out with violence – perhaps when you least expect it.


Favorable and unfavorable traits of Scorpio Ascendant Vedic Sun or Moon: how others react to the charismatic, powerful Scorpio personality

Scorpios are generally intriguing personalities who:
  • can be confided in – they hold secrets well and keep things private
  • demand respect by the sheer dynamism of their personality
  • can be sensitive, charming, charismatic, and powerful
  • can be politically influential, dramatic and artistic  – all at once
  • are comfortable with the hidden, occult and mysterious – can be great psychologists, astrologers, healers
  • can be very devoted to the causes and people they adore – even to the point of selflessness
  • have deep thoughts and insights with a compelling ability to share
  • motivate others very well and like to “turn people on”
  • bring about positive transformations in their environments and within themselves
  • be very passionate, determined and sexual – appealing to the mass consciousness
  • can be thrilling and exciting partners in life and in business relationships
  • can develop refined and advanced siddhis (transcendental powers) & kundalini energy
Along with appealing and fascinating personality traits, the Scorpio personality can also be:
  • controlling and dominating – some say they are the natural troublemakers of the zodiac
  • vindictive, spiteful and punishing
  • possessive and jealous – cruel and sarcastic
  • overly intense – to the point of fanaticism – about everything
  • guilt-ridden and angry
  • overly sexual or sensually obsessed
  • create upheavals in their lives (even unknowingly) to effect a change – any change
  • underworld leaders or personalities – criminal tendencies – power-driven
  • interfering through manipulation, control, or unsought advice
  • painful to be with – leading to divorce and/or domestic violence issues


Scorpios can be passionate or adamant as they strive to control their environment

It is said by some that even in an ashram, a Scorpio personality will find themselves in the midst of upheavals, secret political intrigues, jealousy, and manipulation.  They seem to be magnets for controversy, powerful enemies, and most certainly never lead dull lives.  Passion is the name of their game – and they will be passionate about something – even if they are the most saintly version of Scorpio. 

Vrischika (the Sanskrit name for Scorpio) has an innate sense of power and often find themselves in power struggle situations – which they usually win – but it won’t be an easy competition.  Often the Scorpio personality has a difficult time in their lives because they view everything in extremes and with such intensity.  Going out for groceries or making a simple phone call can be a dramatic event for sign number 8. 

Some well-known personalities influenced strongly by Scorpio:

Scorpio Ascendant:  Bob Dylan, Herman Hesse, Elvis Presley, Princess Diana, James Dean, Bruce Lee, Marlon Brando,

Scorpio Sun:  Jim Morrison, Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill, Woody Allen, Jimi Hendrix, Jodie Foster, Tina Turner, Indira Ghandi, William Blake

Scorpio Moon:  Ram Dass, Kevin Costner, Saddam Hussein, Albert Einstein, Nietzche, Vincent van Gogh, Ted Bundy, Tiger Woods

Rise up to become a phoenix - effecting a powerful global metamorphosis

The developed Scorpio can rise up to become a phoenix – effecting a powerful global metamorphosis

By channeling some of that churning passion into passionate awareness  Scorpio can create a metamorphosis of the spirit

The churning passionate intensity of Scorpio can be transformed into higher levels of compassionate healing through yoga and Ayurveda, becoming champions for development of higher consciousness, experiencing yogic powers (siddhis), devotion to peaceful societal transformation, and development of immense powers of the subtle mind.  By channeling their powerful sexual (kundalini) energy into profound spiritual energy, a highly refined Scorpio can rise out of the ashes of their previous lives to become like an extraordinary phoenix – ending the old, and guiding and creating positive metamorphoses globally.

Passion improperly channeled can easily turn to nasty revenge with the lower Scorpio personality, so one needs to be a little cautious when dealing with an insistent and undeveloped sign number 8. You don’t wish to make this type of Scorpio an enemy: they have a long memory and tend to hold grudges – planning for their ultimate moment of revenge.

The end of autumn is a great time to go with the flow of powerfully motivated Scorpios you may know!

As Sun transits Scorpio from November 16 – December 15, all of us may feel the impulse to position ourselves a little more in society – and influence others with our inner powers of persuasion and control.   We may feel that this is a time for a change in direction and desire to shake things up in our lives. Think carefully about exactly what kind of change you wish for:  not all change is for good.   

We may feel more sexually passionate and at the same time more power and ego driven.  We may find ourselves listening with quiet interest to others’ secrets and think on how we can use them in the future to our advantage.   Or, we may feel that we need to plan a little revenge on those who’ve hurt us in the past. It’s a good time to ask yourself if you wish to stay at that level, or wish to rise up to go beyond manipulation, obsession, control and power, and develop some of the higher spiritual powers.  This is a great time to go with the flow of getting to the deeper levels of knowledge, devotion, learning the hidden secrets of life, including transcending, yoga and Ayurveda.  Which will it be – a lower or higher path? You can be successful at this time of year – whichever direction you choose. 

Not up to the passionately transforming tasks? Call a Scorpio you just need to ask!

Jyotish Cafe for Scorpio personalities – highlighting a few of Paula’s top 10 tips to get you through

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_____________________________________________________________________ Jyotish With Paula Advice on Vedic Astrology and the cosmic dance of the planetsJyotish With Paula Advice

what to favor and avoid for Sun’s transit of Scorpio

These tips are very effective

  • for all of us during the transit of Sun through Scorpio – November 16 – December 15th
  • for those who have a Scorpio Vedic Ascendant, Sun or Moon
  • or those who have some planets in the 8th house from Ascendant, Sun or Moon, or planets in the 8th sign

What to favor

  • independence, heroism, selflessness and healing abilities
  • devotion to mother and those whom we adore
  • keeping secrets without any personal self-interest
  • your inner powers and divine grace to help those making a transition or in a challenged state
  • passionate intensity of focus on everything good – let things go: forgive, forget and heal 
  • shedding your old skin – literally and figuratively – some spa time is great!
  • involving yourself in transformational higher spiritual interests – including transcending, yoga and Ayurveda
  • study of astrology and ancient knowledge
  • your natural charisma – let it shine!
  • motivating others for good with your powerful metamorphic powers

What to avoid

  • offering unsought advice hoping to control or manipulate
  • criminal, underworld tendencies or associations
  • drugs and alcohol – they can be pure poison to your personality and encourage the dark side
  • sarcasm, arguments, anger and revengeful tendencies
  • crossing societal norms, taking risks, experimenting with the forbidden
  • bullying or using power on the less strong or vulnerable
  • causing upheavals and challenging changes – just because you can
  • pride, egoism, jealousy, hatred – using secrets to harm others
  • putting off going to the doctor when your private parts or spinal column are troubling you
  • obsession with sex and sexuality – find a healthy balance
Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog All Rights Reserved

Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. Copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Friedrich Nietzsche Scorpio Vedic Ascendant and Moon.

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Copyright: 2013 and each year forward – All Rights Reserved – Jyotish With Paula Blog

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Scorpio Ascendant Vedic Sun or Moon

loves secrets passion and power: metamorphosis is their boon


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    Response from Paula: Thank you Wonderboy for your kind comment. Vedic Astrology is the only astrology I follow as well, and got introduced to this marvelous science of light while visiting India in 1985 and 1986 with my spiritual Guru. I too met some astounding Jyotishis who with just a glance at a chart gave full and accurate readings. That’s what inspired me to start learning – and I continue to do so. (As you are aware, Vedic Astrology is a life-long study and according to some – many lifetimes!) I created this website so that others can begin to learn and easily understand some of the many amazing and wonderful concepts from a practical basis – and have some fun while doing it! Thank you for your blessings and good wishes. Namaste.

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    I would request you throw some light on this matter. A blog on Vedic Sun sign versus Western Sun Sign would be interesting and also add clarity.

    Paula’s response: Thanks for your comment and inquiry. Interesting and good idea for future writings; I’ll keep it in mind. The Sun placement is just one factor to consider as far as the personality goes, and my post is meant to highlight general tendencies from the Vedic Astrology point of view. For a clearer perspective, we’d have to look to the Ascendant and Moon, and combination of planetary factors at play, the sub-charts, mahadasas and transits (and that would require a personal reading).

    However, for instructive purposes I’ll briefly address the issue of the Vedic Sun. I’ve found that those in the latter part of degrees in one Vedic sign – let’s say Libra (28 – 30 degrees) or the beginning of a new sign – let’s say Scorpio (0 – 2 degrees) often exemplify characteristics of both signs: a kind of blending that follows them through their lives, making it difficult to pinpoint and say: “I’m definitely Libran”, or, “I’m a Scorpio”. Both characteristics seem to apply and that’s fine – it’s just learning how to successfully flow with the energy of both that makes life easier for these individuals. Now, if you personally also have Vedic sun, moon or ascendant approaching (close to) or in Scorpio (and Scorpio is dominant in some of the vargas – secondary charts) – the Scorpio personality will definitely shine through more dominantly and it will feel clearer.

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