Sagittarius Ascendant Vedic Sun or Moon loves truth freedom and justice: abundance is their boon

Sagittarius Ascendant Vedic Sun or Moon… Dec. 16, 2013 posting

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Sagittarius Ascendant Vedic Sun or Moon

loves truth freedom and justice: abundance is their boon

Highlights of Jyotish With Paula Blog – post Dec. 16, 2013

Author:  Paula Johnsen, M.A.

  • Sun transits Sagittarius Dec. 16 – Jan 13: Sagittarius Ascendants are naturally in tune with natural law and knowledge
  • The plain truth about Sagittarians is – they can be overly frank in speech; hurting others unintentionally
  • Favorable and unfavorable traits of Sagittarius Ascendant, Vedic Sun or Moon: how others react to the righteous and virtuous Sagittarius
  • Sagittarians can channel self-righteousness & judgment into a pursuit of absolute truththey can readily experience pure knowledge and absolute being
  • Jyotish Cafe for Sagittarius personalities – highlighting a few of Paula’s top 10 tips to get you through
  • Jyotish With Paula Advice on Vedic Astrology and the cosmic dance of the planetsJyotish With Paula Advice what to favor and avoid for Sun’s transit of Sagittarius – these suggestions apply year-round to the Sagittarius Ascendant, Vedic Sun or Moon
Sagittarius Vedic Sun or Moon loves truth freedom and justice: abundance is their boon!

Sagittarius Vedic Sun or Moon loves truth freedom and justice: abundance is their boon!

In the Vedic calendar Sun transits Sagittarius from Dec. 16 – Jan. 13

All of us begin to feel the influence of the Sun transiting, or moving through Jupiter’s sign number 9 – the house of good luck, higher learning and gurus and the sign of Sagittarius from Dec. 16 – January 13 each year. As a friend of the Sun, transit through a Jupiterian sign is considered an excellent placement. This is the time of year when we can find solutions to problems, be more successful with our honest, straightforward and open personalities; aiming high and often hitting the target. 

In tune with natural law and knowledge

Because sign number 9  rules the lucky 9th house of foreign travel, gurus, higher learning in Vedic Astrology, Sagittarians make great teachers and express knowledge extremely well; enriching the lives of others.  Truth, ethics, justice, and integrity are extremely important to the Sagittarius personality, and they love to roam freely in the fields of righteousness and positivity.  Often, they have an inborn sense of natural law and knowledge that seems to beam forth from them. As the Sun transits Sagittarius, it’s good to share  knowledge with others, inspiring them to higher goals and aspirations. 

The plain truth

Some Sagittarians are known to take speaking the truth to extremes, and be a little thoughtless about the feelings of others as they speak their point of view.   They can get moralistic, righteous and highly critical of what they view as inappropriate behavior, berate the less than just, and harshly judge those whom they view have less integrity or are “untruthful.”  Sometimes they forget that speaking the sweet truth is kinder, gentler, easier on others’ hearts and more in tune with creating harmonious environments. Likewise, as the Sun transits Sagittarius, we may have to bite our tongues a little and not blurt out what we’re thinking to others.  Think first what the effect of our words may have on those we like to share our advice and comments with.

Those of us who have their Vedic Ascendant, Sun or Moon in sign 9  or in the 9th house, or have a number of planets in the 9th sign or 9th house (from the Ascendant, Sun or Moon) will exemplify some of the Sagittarius personality and tendencies outlined below.

Sagittarians often lead lives of academic achievement, prosperity and professional status

Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of prosperity and abundance, Sagittarians love to learn, to know, to expound what they’ve learned and naturally gravitate towards positions of being knowledgeable professionals: doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors and philosophers.   They often aspire to rise high, tend  to be very lucky, and achieve the  highest level of professional achievement.  The Vedic Astrology symbol for Sagittarius is the bow – giving the ability to prevail over enemies.  Another symbol for sign 9 shows a man with a horse’s body – four feet firmly planted on the ground while shooting an arrow high in the sky.  As they aim for the higher vibrations of righteousness, truth and honesty, Sagittarians do have the ability to stay grounded in this world, and move quickly forward to accomplish their goals of integrating both material and spiritual gains.

Sagittarians love to feel in tune with higher universal laws and principles

Charming, good speakers, ambitious, positive, righteous,  prosperous, restless, courageous  – the Sagittarius personality can easily prevail over their enemies and even win admiration from them. Because the 6th house and the  11th house in a Sagittarius ascendant’s chart are both owned by Venus – enemy to Jupiter (lord of their chart) – friends tend to become enemies and enemies can become friends.  As they stand up for truth, people admire them, applaud them, but at the same time can feel irritated by what they view as unchecked egotism in their personalities.  Sagittarians will fight for freedom, justice, religion, law or whatever they fully believe in, and  may not understand that those opposing them may fully believe that they are equally right, equally in tune with universal principles, and acting for the higher good. 

The undeveloped vs. the developed Sagittarius personality 

Undeveloped Sagittarians can be blunt, rude, overly conservative and rigid in their belief systems – thinking that theirs is the only way to the truth, to the divine.  Because Jupiter is debilitated in the 2nd house of speech (the all practical Capricorn) for Sagittarians, all sign 9 people have to watch what and how they say things.  The firebrand type of Sagittarius can get stuck on moral and ethical codes of conduct – endlessly lecturing, scolding or passionately ranting about right and wrong, good and bad, fact and fiction.  Sagittarians of this kind can also be very particular about their religious and spiritual beliefs and claim their way is the only “right way” to heaven or enlightenment.

The more spiritually developed and aware Sagittarians are a great blessing to life – great teachers and philosophers – true lovers of wisdom, embracing the free flow of nature.  Cheerful, positive, optimistic, they can easily accept others’ belief systems, secure in the awareness that absolute knowledge has many faces, many forms, is abstract in nature, and is the one substance moving through, uniting and creating us all.


Favorable and unfavorable traits of Sagittarius Ascendant Vedic Sun or Moon: how others react to the frank, direct, and courageous Sagittarius personality

Sagittarians are forthright and straightforward personalities  – like a breath of fresh air – they can be
  • deeply intuitive, lucky, enthusiastic and devoted
  • warm and friendly beings- children and animals are instinctively drawn to their goodness
  • sound in judgment, foresight and wisdom 
  • virtuous, freedom-loving and naturally cheerful
  • drawn to higher learning, law, justice and freedom
  • making the rules, adhering to them and encouraging others to do the same
  • spiritually motivated and looking for absolute truths
  • inspirational to others with their natural integrity and warrior-like courage
  • fighters for causes,  protective of the good and righteous
  • straight as an arrow in dealing with others – scrupulous and honest
  • lovers of nature and the outdoors
  • philosophical – lovers of wisdom – at their core they love to share knowledge through teaching
Along with many positive and charming personality traits, the Sagittarius personality can also be:
  • moralizers and judgmental about everything
  • patronizing and prim
  • insistent upon others accepting their form of truth
  • rude to others in their desire to be honest and forthright
  • tactless about others’ feelings
  • egoistic – feeling their way is the “only way”
  • pushy and over-confident – relying too much on nature’s support
  • restless or need freedom and space more than anything
  • blind to others’ belief systems and ways of perceiving the world and God
  • critical to all those who don’t agree with them


Sagittarians clearly see the black and white, the good and bad

A Sagittarius personality is always noticed and they are always observing the behavior of others. They are generally warm and friendly, have open smiling faces, a tangible sense of goodness and an expansive feeling of nature and the great outdoors.  They love the truth, plain and simple and relationships will fail if their beloveds don’t come up to their own particular brand of truth and integrity.  The Sagittarius personality can become very disappointed when they discover that the people they’ve placed high on a pedestal have clay feet.

Some well-known personalities influenced strongly by Sagittarius

Sagittarius Sun:  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Paramahamsa Yogananda, Steven Spielberg, Howard Stern, Mary Tyler Moore, Howard Hughes, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Joseph Stalin

Sagittarius Moon:  Sri Aurobindo, Dalai Lama, Al Gore, Billy Graham, Ernest Hemingway, Adolf Hitler

Sagittarius Ascendant: Sophia Loren, Priscilla Presley, Paul Newman, Dustin Hoffman, Tennessee Williams, Jane Fonda,  J. Edgar Hoover, Jim Jones

Sagittarians can channel self-righteousness & judgment into a pursuit of absolute truth– they can readily experience Pure Knowledge and Absolute Being

If Sagittarius personality is able to successfully turn their attention from self-righteousness, proper conduct, truth and judgment, towards absolute truths, they can experience freedom and bliss in Absolute Being and Pure Knowledge deep within.  The steps towards this may involve gradually seeking out more subtle forms of knowledge and truth.  As they investigate further, they may discover some measures of truth and some measure of mirage in the fundamental belief systems they hold so dear.  As Sagittarians begin to progress on their inward journey, they begin to see that the power of the “known” holds less meaningful truths than the knower himself.  No longer seeking absolute truths in the relative world – in pursuit of outward knowledge – they are able to perceive that pure and absolute knowledge is at the very core of his/her own being.  With this comes ultimate freedom from the subtle ego karma of this Ascendant as they float safely and securely in the vastness of the Absolute. 

The beginning of winter is a great time to go with the flow of the lucky Sagittarians you may know!

As Sun transits Sagittarius from December 15 – Jan. 13, all of us may feel the impulse to get out into the fresh air, enjoy the purity of the first cool white snows, and celebrate the beauty of nature’s wave of winter silence and expansiveness.  We may feel that this is a time to think more deeply about our spiritual nature and what we’d like to accomplish. We may feel a tug towards a higher calling, more devotion, deeper intuition and a profound empathy for the plight of our fellow-man.

We may feel noble qualities arising in our minds and hearts, with a desire to motivate others in the same direction.  The importance of honesty, integrity and scrupulousness begin to awaken in our awareness and we may feel to pursue connections with a more conventional religious or spiritual movement or causes which help return things to a closer connection to natural law. Things may be easier to accomplish at this time, as we feel generally luckier and more cheerful in disposition. 

Not up to higher philosophical or spiritual callings and tasks ? Call a Sagittarius – you just need to ask!

Jyotish Cafe for Sagittarius personalities – highlighting a few of Paula’s top 10 tips to get you through

_____________________________________________________________________ Jyotish With Paula Advice on Vedic Astrology and the cosmic dance of the planetsJyotish With Paula Advice

what to favor and avoid for Sun’s transit of Sagittarius

These tips are very effective

  • for all of us during the transit of Sun through Sagittarius –  December 16 – January 13
  • for those who have a Sagittarius Vedic Ascendant, Sun or Moon
  • or those who have some planets in the 9th house from the Ascendant, Sun or Moon, or planets in the 9th sign

What to favor

  • devotion to the higher principles in life
  • our predictive abilities – they could be accurate
  • our protective nature towards the good people
  • our courage, strength and compassion
  • studying at traditional academic facilities
  • sharing some of the valuable knowledge we’ve amassed by teaching others
  • taking care of our liver, hips and lower back area – developing flexibility and strength
  • study of philosophy, Vedic astrology, and the higher spiritual qualities in life
  • your natural friendly, positive and cheerful nature – let it beam and shine forth to brighten the world
  • getting closer to deeper principles nature – through outdoor and indoor activities like long silent walks and meditation

What to avoid

  • judging others unless required to do so by career
  • intolerance of others’ belief systems  – or pretending to be tolerant when you’re really judging
  • thinking that your way is the only way to think, believe and act
  • vilifying those that we feel are unrighteous, untruthful and less than noble
  • rudeness to others in speech and manners
  • starting sentences with “Frankly speaking…”
  • rigidness in emotion, body and spirit
  • putting off going to the doctor when your lower back and hips, upper legs, or liver, are in pain
  • obsession with the truth to the point that you care little or nothing for others’ feelings or point of view
“The whole purpose of life is to gain enlightenment. Nothing else is significant compared to that completely natural, exalted state of consciousness. So always strive for that. Set your life around that goal. Don’t get caught up in small things, and then it will be yours.”  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,  Sagittarius Sun

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Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog All Rights Reserved

Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. Copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved

Copyright: 2013 and each year forward – All Rights Reserved – Jyotish With Paula Blog

This completes the article:

Sagittarius Ascendant Vedic Sun or the Moon

loves truth, freedom and justice: abundance is their boon.


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