Mars and Ketu in Aries: explosive events brewing May 2013!

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Mars and Ketu in Aries: May, 2013:  explosive events brewing!

Vedic Astrology: Jyotish With Paula Blog – April 10, 2013
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It’s all in the balance right now:  can we choose the right path?


1.  Mars and Ketu in Aries:  potential explosive events May 5 – 14, 2013

  • Mars joins Ketu April 12 – May 23, 2013 – hot, explosive planetary combination
  • Take extra care from Apr. 24th- May 24th – violent events can occur on a large scale
  • May 5 – 14, 2013 – particularly acute, sensitive time for the world*

*May 3rd, 2013 update to Post:  Solar Eclipse May 9th

  • Intensity may amplify with 4 planets closely conjunct in Bharani nakshatra (owned by Yama, god of death) during the solar eclipse May 9th 
  • Saturn retrograde aspect from 7th house in Swati nakshatra can add a whirlwind or extreme pressure to the 4-planet conjunction in Bharani nakshatra as well as solar eclipse pattern

2.  The good, bad and ugly of Mars and Ketu in Aries: terrorism or peace?

  • peace possible:  only if wisdom prevails
  • aggressive tendencies can dominate global thinking
  • sudden attacks and terrorism may plague society – triggering large-scale events

3. The important questions:  what to favor and what to avoid

  • what can we learn from these planetary combinations?
  • what can we favor now to promote peace?
  • how to avoid conflict when tensions run high

4faviconJyotish With Paula Advice:  it’s all in the balance right now

  • a great opportunity is at hand if we choose to use it wisely
  • eclipses are a perfect time to enhance spirituality – release karmas, burdens and tensions
  • meditation and self-reflection are keys to smooth the times

5.  Silver lining in the dark clouds of May:  Jupiter and Venus – the great teachers conjoin

  • wisdom and abundance can prevail in stormy times
  • importance of heeding wise advice of our teachers (gurus), advisors and counselors


MARS AND KETU IN ARIES: this means problems, right?

No question, it looks like a challenging time for the world.  But, before we make any hasty conclusions, let’s first look at what Mars and Ketu signify in a Jyotish Chart:

Mars is the planet of energy and action

Without Mars we’d all be sitting around thinking and hoping about achievements, and never get motivated to get things done. 

Positive characteristics: vitality, brothers, courage, weaponry, technical abilities, military, athletic ability, real estate, gold, and independence. It’s the glorious pure energy that allows us to carry out anything in life and move things forward.  Mars is the lawyer, politician,  mechanic, machinist, engineer, mathematician, miner, electrician and inventor.

Negative characteristics: accidents, injuries, surgery, burns, inflammations, fevers, acute disorders, especially with blood, adrenal glands, and the muscles.  Known as the god of war, Mars can move easily into fights and aggressive tendencies. Full of heat, ambition passion and desire to achieve, Mars brooks no obstacles.   Because of its pure passion, depending upon which sign it is placed , it can be clearly aggressive about achieving personal goals (Aries) passively aggressive and emotional (Cancer) or steadily and intelligently aggressive (Capricorn). 

You get the idea:  Mars wherever it is placed, needs to do and carry out the goals set for itself and doesn’t much care about how others feel about how he gets there.   He acts first and gets clearance for his decisions later.  Mars is Pitta  – fire energy and its direction is south – (some say east).

Ketu  is the karaka or indicator of enlightenment or moksha

Positive characteristics: All things hidden, transcendental, occult, dealing with ancient knowledge fall within its realm.  Meditation, divine knowledge, salvation,  intuition, pilgrimage, recitation of mantras, silence, predictions, renunciation, detachment, providential help, and philosophy are some of its positive characteristics. 

Negative characteristics: unexpected misfortune, doubt, anger, ambition, consumption, begging,  fanaticism, disputes,  backbiting, negative review of the past, nitpicking and greed.  Ketu can swallow the influence of any planet it is with, or promote unusual or weird behaviors in the planet’s significations. Because it is a headless, shadowy planet,  it can lack intelligence and discrimination and act in a mindless way. Ketu is like Mars, and is Pitta by nature – fire energy, and its direction is southwest.

When Mars and Ketu conjoin at any time, we get a mixing of their influences:

Negative potentials of Mars & Ketu in Aries – sign #1: April 12 – May 24, 2013

Take extra care from Apr. 24- May 26, 2013.  The two weeks preceding and after exact conjunction May 12th are very delicate.

  • Because Mars and Ketu are both “hot” planets” explosive and violent tendencies can be unleashed – especially from unexpected directions 
  • South-west and eastern quadrants look to be the most intense in any country, state or province
  • Sudden breakout of war or warring tendencies based on greed and selfishness
  • Increase in fighting or aggressive tendencies among world leaders; potential terrorist acts
  • High fevers, headaches, and physical disorders that are difficult to diagnose
  • Fires in homes or properties
  • Unexpected violent attacks causing bloodshed
  • Military coups – particularly where there is any sign of instability or vulnerability
  • Fanatical anger directed at leaders (sign number one – Aries indicates leaders)
  • Lack of intelligent use of diplomacy; no consideration of others’ feelings
  • Mindless violent behaviors to promote and advance independence – at whatever cost
For every possible negative potential, there is also an equally positive outcome:

Possible positive outcomes of Mars & Ketu in Aries – sign #1: April 12 – May 24, 2013

  • Significant progress in achieving moksha or liberation from karmic influences
  • Swallowing (eclipsing) of heat, fevers, negativity, aggressiveness: Martian problems and disorders suddenly disappear
  • Great pilgrimage or movement towards global salvation through a variety of creative approaches 
  • Extraordinary inventiveness and sudden improvements in technological advances
  • Sudden detachment from warlike sentiments: silence and peace are found between leaders and nations
  • Mineral finds of gold in unexpected locations – exponential increase in value, benefiting everyone involved
  • Sudden benefits from real estate investments and properties – a sharing attitude dominates
  • Independence suddenly granted by divine benevolence – without aggressiveness or bloodshed
  • Peaceful alternatives to war and violence offered through ancient technologies of consciousness-raising

faviconJyotish With Paula Advice:

What should we be asking ourselves at this time?

What are we supposed to be learning here?”  is a great question to ask ourselves as we review the planetary configurations of this year and particularly Mars and Ketu in Aries in April/May.  With the addition of Sun conjoining and combusting Mars, of eclipses of the two luminaries within a month, and malefic aspects to these combinations,   something ominous looks to be brewing on a number of fronts this spring.  Later on this summer and fall, Saturn and Rahu conjunct closely in Libra, can add additional pressures from their influences.  

A great opportunity is being presented: the path of fire – or path of peace

Because of the negative planetary configurations, it may seem easier in the short run to move towards the path of fire and destruction.  But is it easier, really?

There will certainly be plenty of excuses we can use to justify violence and war-like sentiments; most acutely in the two weeks preceding and following May 12th – the exact conjunction of Mars & Ketu in Aries.  May 9th and 10th can also be incredibly intense because of the solar (sun) eclipse.   Check out my blog article on the continuing effects of the solar eclipse – creating a strong desire for truth, justice and judgment from May – October, 2013:   

Hasty negative actions will lead our world family to deep regret and sorrow

A better approach may be to chill out a little, pull back, think things through, and see if there are alternative solutions to help smooth things out with those we disagree with.  If others keep lobbing the ball into our court, one way to solve things is to stop lobbing the ball back.  Step away until you are certain you have a clear mind, free from selfishness, greed, covetousness, or controversy.  A little silence, meditation, and distance can wash away a lot of negative feelings. 

In the short and long run, let’s choose the path of peace

As we approach the eclipse pattern,  we can feel quite challenged.  Because Ketu clouds the awareness, is very picky, heated in nature, and dwells in the past, we can get lost in resentment and meaninglessness as to the purpose of life.  

Ketu and the eclipsed planets will be in the Nakshatra of Bharani, ruled by Yama, the god of death and dharma.  Some may feel so overwhelmed by Ketu’s smoke in this Nakshatra that they see no reason to keep on living. For those individuals feeling this way, know that the dark cloud will pass in a few weeks, and you will feel better.  

Others may feel rigid in their beliefs and absolutely certain they are living “the one, true and righteous way” – ready to pass harsh judgments on others (viewed as not living the “right” way).

“This too shall pass… “

If any of these sentiments dominate, this is not the time for hasty, unthinking actions.  Remembering the phrase, “this too shall pass” may ease your way, knowing you may feel very differently at the end of May, as Ketu’s cloud lifts.

A more reflective, meditative approach at this time can help us transcend the planetary effects and yield long-term positive results towards our inner and outer peace.

Though planetary eclipses and conjunctions with Ketu aren’t ideal times to increase feelings of success in the material world, it is a perfect time to enhance and enrich our spirituality, release old karmas, burdens and tensions.

I know I plan on diving into lots of deep meditations for the two weeks preceding and following May 12th  (the exact conjunction of Mars and Ketu in Aries) and take it easy on myself and others.

How about you?  What’s your plan to promote peace in your life?

Silver lining in the dark clouds of May:

As Ketu swallows and eclipses Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury in May, he also has to release them.   It is said that planets eclipsed by Ketu, take on a more spiritual energy, after release.  (Ketu is the karaka for Moksha and enlightenment in the chart.)  By transit they move quickly on to join Jupiter (the great guru of the devatas), in sign number 2 – Taurus.  

Jupiter and Venus – the great gurus of the cosmic sky shine together May 5th

Jupiter and Venus, the great teachers of the cosmic sky, conjoin in Taurus on May 5th.  Venus will be in its own sign, and is very happy there.  A greater feeling of wisdom, abundance and well-being may shine and guide us through the stormy clouds! Though Jupiter and Venus are not friends, they are both wise in guiding the devas (Guru)  and the demons (Venus) with their benevolent counsel.  Mercury, planet of communications will join them May 13th, and Sun joins their harmonious energies in Taurus May 15th.   Some relief is at hand, if we favor and listen to the calm, wise advice of our teachers, gurus, and counselors.

faviconSome of the questions we may wish to ask and favor now:

  • Have we really exhausted all avenues towards peace making?  
  • How about trying something unique that may be “out of the box” that has proven results to solve problems?
  • What am I doing as an individual to promote peace and calmness in my world? 
  • Is now a time to investigate calming meditation in tune with our religious and spiritual beliefs? If not now, then when?
  • Can we extend ourselves further towards and not away from those who think differently than we do?  
  • Do we really need to change our neighbors behavior or another nation’s point of view to match ours, or anyone else’s?
  • Is it really necessary to unleash violence until we achieve temporary surrender from our enemies? 
  • Can we take the long view and use the wise counsel of our teachers and gurus to see the bigger picture? 
  • What kind of world do we want for ourselves, our children and future generations?
  • What will be the impact of our hasty choices? How about 10, or 100 years from now?
  • Can we stop lobbing “the ball” back?

What to avoid at this time:

  • speaking, watching, and acting out negative, or violent thoughts and behaviors
  • carrying weapons or being around explosive devices
  • circumstances that feel “off” or weird – listen to your intuition
  • hasty decisions leading to regret
  • politically sensitive areas – especially in angry, mob-like settings
  • air travel unless absolutely essential: especially wise not to travel by air on May 8 – 14th
  • travel to well-known earthquake, tornado, and hurricane areas – powerful violent storms and shifts may be prevalent
  • leaving fires, hot, heating, or electronic devices untended
  • ignoring headaches, fevers, and unusual physical symptoms – get a 2nd and 3rd opinion
  • too much review of past grievances and nit-picking – this isn’t the time to criticize others
Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog All Rights Reserved

Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. Copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved

Copyright: 2013 – Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved

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