Jupiter transits Gemini: soothing or unleashing Saturn Rahu beast in Libra?



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Jupiter transits Gemini

soothing or unleashing Saturn Rahu beast in Libra?

Jyotish With Paula Blog – May 31, 2013
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1.  Jupiter transits Gemini, sign 3 for one year – May 31, 2013 – June 19, 2014.  This year could bring dramatic changes- not all glowingly good unless we apply wisdom.

2. Afflicted by Rahu, Jupiter’s natural beneficence may turn from expansive spiritual positivity to over-the-top misplaced optimism. This summer is a good time to be  prudent about investments, business, and personal relationships.

3.  Afflicted Jupiter aspecting  beastly Saturn Rahu combination in Libra, July – September, resulting in nearly insurmountable economic and environmental tensions. Harnessed properly, windstorms in the market could be transformed to Kubera – god of riches –  for some.

4.  Jupiter transits three nakshatras in Gemini:  Mrigashira, Ardra, and Punarvasu.  Jupiter’s transit over Ardra owned by Rahu (aspecting Saturn Rahu combination in Libra) is of particular concern.

5.   Things could get intense June 29 – August 30th (may start two weeks before and after) and into the fall. Prepare for some wild environmental and marketplace upsets.

www.jyotishwithpaulablog.com: Jyotish With Paula Advice on Vedic Astrology and the cosmic dance of the planets6. Jyotish With Paula’s 10 top tips and what to favor and avoid for smooth sailing in stormy times.

7.  www.jyotishwithpaulablog.com: Jyotish With Paula AdviceJyotish With Paula’s advice on how to soothe the Rahu Saturn beast in Libra harnessing power to create wealth promotion.

8.  Jupiter tends to make things good again and right again, transiting over Punarvasu – it’s own nakshatra. _________________________________________________________________________

Jupiter transits Gemini

Every year, beneficent Jupiter transits one sign, bringing wisdom, prosperity and general goodness to the sign it transits.  From May 31, 2013 – June 19th, 2014, Jupiter transits Gemini, sign 3, Mithuna, blessing the sign of communications,  interchange, motion, music, writing, business, intelligence, playfulness and wit, with the fullness of Guru.  Its good influences also extend to the signs it aspects.

In Vedic Astrology Jupiter brings beneficence to 5th, 7th and 9th from itself

Because Jupiter is currently residing in Gemini (sign 3), this means that Gemini, plus signs 7, 9 and 11 (Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius) benefit from Jupiter’s benefic aspect.   This also means that any planets within those signs, either in the birth chart or by transit can feel a positive Jupitarian wave of expansion, abundance and wisdom.

That is, unless Jupiter is afflicted

“Afflicted” in Vedic Astrology means aspected or conjunct with a malefic influence.  The malefics in Vedic Astrology are Saturn, Rahu/Ketu, Mars, and Sun (in descending order of malefic intensity).

Rahu – the mouth of the cosmic snake – north node of the moon afflicts Jupiter by aspect

Jupiter is aspected by willful and wily Rahu (the north node of the moon,  a very malefic energy).  This affliction of Jupiter by Rahu, may change Jupiter’s normally positive influence into something less than wonderful for a certain time.  Of particular concern is afflicted  Jupiter’s potential influence on the Saturn Rahu conjunction (a beastly combination of two strong malefics) in Libra.  More on that a little later in the article.

Isn’t Jupiter always good?

Jupiter is by nature a benefic, which means it represents positive influences in the chart. However, if it is afflicted, which means aspected by or with a malefic energy, Jupiter’s positive energy can be misdirected or influenced in a negative way.

How can Jupiter’s energy be changed by a malefic?

Think of a naturally generous kind, happy person (Jupiter) who’s placed in a room with a rogue or several rough people. Though it is true that Jupiter’s positive energy may influence the ruffians towards good, it also makes sense that Jupiter can be influenced by the coarser energies he’s with or exposed to. Because Jupiter expands and increases whatever he influences, the rogues can change for the better (if they are mildly malefic) or they may become stronger in their own malevolence, if they are very strongly negative. Likewise, when Jupiter is aspected or conjunct malefics – Jupiter  tends to change in the direction of less than positive.  Specifically, Jupiter can lose his more spiritual influence, becoming coarsened with materialism. In the company of, or influenced by malevolent energy, Jupiter’s beneficence starts to move in the direction of “over-the-top” expansive energy that may be misplaced. This can result in over-optimistic thinking, overly trusting, not protecting itself properly, or over-extending the energy where it is placed in the chart, and what it aspects.  Buying drinks for his  coarser friends and partying until the sun comes up, for example.   Over-extending; getting into debt; putting on weight; not thinking about consequences of actions and ending up in court and dealing with litigation – can all be the results of Jupiter afflicted.

To review – here are Jupiter’s two sides

An unafflicted Jupiter positively  glows with goodness

  •    generosity and grace
  •    helpfulness
  •    spiritual guidance & merit
  •    dharma
  •    high principles
  •    ethics
  •    musicality
  •    enjoys the good life – likes to share his gains
  •    prosperity, wealth, abundance
  •    marriage (especially deals with the husband in the birth chart)

More positive characteristics:

  •  children
  •  enduring creative intelligence
  •  expansiveness of spirit and body
  •  positive spirit – joy in living
  •  optimism
  •  inheritances & lottery winnings
  •  vigor & vitality – joy of nature and joie de vivre

When afflicted, Jupiter becomes “over-the-top”


  •   overly optimistic
  •   overly trusting – not protecting oneself
  •   over-extending – spending too much
  •   over-trying  &  succeeding at nothing
  •   overly materialistic – status rules
  •   over-doing things
  •   overly self-satisfied
  •   over-paying to please others
  •   overly ritualistic – caught in ceremony
  •   overly judgmental
  •   over-weight
  •   overflowing problems with litigation and courts
  •   overly worshipful – perhaps in the wrong direction

How could normally beneficent Jupiter unleash Saturn Rahu?

From June 29th – August 30, 2013, Jupiter will be transiting Ardra Nakshatra, located in the heart of sign 3.  Ardra is owned by Rahu   – whose deity is Rudra (god of storms), known as “the howler”.  With Rahu’s influence on Jupiter, which promotes intensely alternative, and compulsive, addictive tendencies, benefic Jupiter can get very over-the-top in its desire to become materially successful.  When it throws its aspect on to Saturn Rahu (which can be intensely greedy and negative combination) in Libra, Jupiter can fuel an overly confident influence on that beastly combination – making already compulsive tendencies stronger.  Overly optimistic, over-doing things, without taking precautions, Jupiter may encourage us to throw caution to the wind and “just go for it!” in the business, marketplace  and partnership spheres.

What consequences could result?

Some of the negative results of afflicted Jupiter in Gemini’s aspect to the Saturn Rahu beastly combination in Libra:

June 29 – August 30th, things could get intense as Jupiter transits Ardra Nakshatra

The marketPeople may have such strong desires for the riches of the world that they don’t think their actions or investments through.  Forgetting the need to spiritually balance themselves, there could be a collective surge to accumulate wealth.  Because the stock market is viewed as an arena to produce quick gains, Rahu’s snaky motions fueled by Jupiter’s expansive and overly optimistic attitude about outcomes could trigger a  spiraling economic ride during June 29th – August 30 (and the two weeks before and after these dates).  An incredible volume of sales could occur, pushing prices and returns up.  Aspected by an overly buoyant Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu in Libra could encourage greed. People may jump into the market trying to recoup their earlier losses leveraging their investments to do so. A huge shake in the market could happen just after this, as Saturn and Rahu get closely conjunct in Libra (see blog). The initial trigger of unabashed, unleashing of material desires and consumption could magnify the whirlwind already set in motion in Libra with Saturn and Rahu in Swati nakshatra.  This potentially beastly combination in Libra (planet of business and partnerships) could set-off panic and fear in the market.  Extreme highs and lows could result and investments made in the market could scatter like the wind.  Law suits, great sadness, even an economic depression could follow.

Environmental:  Enormous wind-based storms, floods and shifts like earthquakes deep in the earth could simultaneously be unleashed at this time bringing extremes in weather patterns or immense global change – possibly scattering people to the winds.

www.jyotishwithpaulablog.com: Jyotish With Paula AdviceJyotish With Paula Advice

Top ten tips to get you through

Find ways to soothe & harness the powerful winds of the Saturn Rahu beast – promoting spiritual and material wealth 

There is a story in the Ved about how wind was blowing and howling around, causing storms and disturbances to everyone – until he was given a job to do.  When wind became focused, and directed all of that powerful energy towards a windmill, then Kubera, the god of infinite wealth was effortlessly created.  Saturn and Rahu together in Libra, in Swati nakshatra, owned by the wind, and Rahu, are like an unleashed beast  – potentially destructive.  But once harnessed, these powerful energies can be put to work and used for our own personal and collective benefit.  Use this time to soothe and harness the powerful wind energy in your life –  give it a job! 

Some positive results of Jupiter in Gemini  help harness the Saturn Rahu beast: www.jyotishwithpaulablog.com: Jyotish With Paula AdviceKubera – the god of infinite wealth could bless your life

  • think deeply on the areas of your life that could use the powerful positivity of Guru in Gemini to bring freshness and change
  • harness the expansiveness and power present to set sail towards enlightenment
  • focus your renewed energy towards positive ends
  • put that sweeping energy into focused effort – get to work!
  • there are 3 spokes to a modern windmill – choose 3 things to carry out this year
  • don’t allow yourself to get scattered like the wind – set your goals clearly
  • remember that the fullness of Guru is blessing communications, music, optimism,  interchange, motion, business, intelligence, playfulness and wit in Gemini – use that energy to promote good in your life and those around you
  • when you start to feel “over-the-top” obsessive energy pushing you – take a moment and think it through 
  • keep a long, wise view – ask yourself what would the Guru,  teacher, or wise counselor suggest as the best course
  • favor your deepest principles, ethics and joy in life

www.jyotishwithpaulablog.com: Jyotish With Paula AdviceThe market:

  • Choose investments wisely, carefully and not over-optimistically
  • If in doubt – leave it out, knowing that you will get your share in time: don’t let greed rule
  • Don’t get pushed by panic mentality – not everything is as it seems
  • Have a balanced routine, which will encourage a balanced outlook
  • Meditation and self-reflection can encourage a more spiritual connection
  • Don’t be swayed to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with – keep a long-term view
  • Avoid addictive circumstances and tendencies where you may feel compulsively moved
  • Eat, drink, and consume less during this time
  • Avoid debt and pay as you go: keep things simple
  • Avoid over-trusting the advice of others and listen to your own opinion

www.jyotishwithpaulablog.com: Jyotish With Paula AdviceThe environment:

September 1 – 16th may offer some relief, as Jupiter transits Punarvasu Nakshatra – making things good again, right again.  Use this calmer energy wisely.

Will we soothe or unleash the Saturn Rahu Beast in Libra?

As always, it is up to us to use the lessons being presented by nature with the play of the planets in our lives.  Will we get greedy, disturbed and scattered by the winds of change, or learn to soothe and harness these powerful forces to set sail towards enlightenment and untold wealth?   Ultimately we can make some choices that are wiser than others – even in the challenging times.  Hopefully this article has shed some light on the forces banging at our door and rattling our windows during Jupiter’s transit in Gemini.

Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog All Rights Reserved

Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. Copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved

By fall, these elemental forces could really rock your world! 

  • September 8 – 11 may be feisty or explosive as debilitated Mars first aspects Saturn, then Rahu to the same degree
  • September 17th Rahu Saturn are on top of each other – things could get shaky!
  • Check out my blog post, dated Feb. 4th, 2013:  “Rahu and Saturn in Libra – what you need to know now – before events intensify”
  • September may be a good time to ride things out in a peaceful, settled, meditative environment.
  • Tune in for more details as the planets entertain us with their amazing drama under the Cosmic Sky –  at Jyotish with Paula. 

Copyright: 2013 – Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved
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I have become my own version of an optimist.  If I can’t make it through one door, I’ll go through another door – or I’ll make a door.  Something terrific will come no matter how dark the present…Rabindranath Tagore                 
May peace and peace and peace be everywhere.
                                                               …The Upanishads

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    Adi, thank you for taking the time to comment confirming the potential predictions I made about the September 2013 time were accurate. I’m truly sorry to hear of your shocking event, lining up so closely to the dramatic planetary play in September. I know a goodly number of people experienced extreme challenges during this time, so though it is not surprising from the cosmic perspective – it is difficult to experience, nonetheless.

    Though I don’t address individual charts in the comments section of this blog, generally I can say that things continue to be intense but may ease up a little in the world towards the end of October as Saturn and Rahu separate slightly. However, that being said, there is a lunar eclipse pattern happening later on today (October 18/19) and tomorrow which can negatively affect our mood and feelings. That would not be a good time to approach a boss or have a confrontation. Better to meditate more, or be more inward during this time. (Keep your head down generally I’d say…)

    There will also be a solar eclipse in early November that can increase the collective intensity again in the business sphere for about 6 months. I’ll be posting a new article online soon about this upcoming event and give my 10 top tips to getting through. I hope you and others will find some good general information there. You can also check out my other article on this time – Rahu and Saturn in Libra -what you need to know now before events intensify. If you know your Vedic Ascendant, Sun or Moon – I list general effects that can occur during this time, and also list 10 top tips to get you through – what to favor and avoid.

    The best way for me to review the transits and see the impact on your personal birth chart, and to determine the outcome of the next few years for you is to book a reading. If you have just one urgent question about right now, select the Prashna Brief question. If you have several questions, select the Urgent Questions Reading. If you wish a more detailed reading, select the Basic Reading Package which gives you the greatest value for your dollar. Best wishes, Paula

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