Just Pressed Jyotish August: New technologies emerge to rock our world – for good!


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Just Pressed Jyotish August

New Technologies emerge

To rock our world – for good!

Author:  Paula Johnsen, M.A.

If you’re just tuning in:

  • The Pitcurrent issue or societal problem
  • The Pulpbrief paragraphs or quotes outlining the current pressing issue
  • The JuiceVedic astrology principle at play
  • The Juicy Detailsan article at Jyotish With Paula Blog provides a deeper perspective + 10 top tips to get you through!


The Pit

Let’s get down to the issue, but don’t break a tooth..
It’s not all bad news astrologically for the fall of 2013 – despite dire predictions…

New technologies emerge that can rock our worldfor good!

The Pulp

You’re getting it – the press creates the pulp..
  • New technological discoveries in physics changing our understanding of the universe
  • Businesses wanting to get off the grid have new “Cube” technology available in 2014
  • Making “sunlight” for dark northern towns a reality in Norway
  • Tapping into wind and solar power to fuel a nation in Germany
  • Canadian city converts massive amounts of non-recyclable, non-compostable garbage into bio-fuels
  • Supreme Court says no to hydroelectric projects in Uttarakhand, India until environmental impacts researched

The Juice

You’ve got it! Jyotish With Paula Blog provides the planetary perspective…the juice
Why right now?
  • are there great new advances in technologies right now, especially out-of-the-box solutions?
  • are there strong interests in working with instead of against the environment?
  • are we having a deeper understanding of the functioning of the universe?

Rahu Saturn combination in Libra – aspected by Jupiter gives the juice

Juicy Details

An article at Jyotish With Paula Blog offers an article you can safely sink your teeth into…

This month I’m suggesting you read two articles on this site

For the Juicy Details and a deeper understanding of the planetary perspective read…

Rahu and Saturn in Libra – what you need to know now that can rock your world! Check out Paula’s 10 top tips and potentially positive outcomes of the Rahu Saturn combination.

Jupiter transits Gemini – soothing or unleashing the Saturn/Rahu Beast in Libra


More to chew on…

The Pit

Don’t break a tooth now…

New technologies emerge transforming our environment for good!

New advancements in technology are coming that can rock our world – and it can all be for good – if we only know how to harness the powerful energies present!

Despite the mostly negative astrological predictions about a particularly powerful combination of planetary configurations involving Rahu (the cosmic snake), Saturn (the planet of discipline and control) and Jupiter, the planet of expansion, we’re also on the leading edge of change – a time of great potential for mankind.  Yes, mankind could misuse nuclear energy and create damaging effects to ourselves and the environment, but that’s only one side of the story for the fall of 2013.

 Many positive outcomes, particularly in technological advancements – using “outside the box” approaches – can also be achieved if we use this powerful energy wisely. These innovative approaches will be especially successful if we appeal to the higher intelligence of strong Jupiterian energies to work with the environment instead of against it, and a deeper understanding of laws of nature, not yet visible or apparent.

The Pulp

The press reports….

Six major events stand out for me during August, 2013

one of the new technologies highlighted in www.jyotishiwthpaulablog - just pressed jyotish

Gravity wave technology – just one of the technologies deepening our understanding of the universe.

Listening to black holes form with gravity waves
17 August 2013 – Physics.org

New technology breaking quantum measurement barrier developed to detect the gravity waves first predicted by Einstein in 1916. Professor David Blair, one of 800 physicists globally announcing breakthrough in measurement science last month. ‘Gravitational wave astronomy is going to be the new astronomy that’s likely to really revolutionize our understanding of the universe,’ he says.

new technology helps take businesses off the grid - read exciting technological changes caused by Saturn/Rahu combination in Libra, 2013 www.jyotishwithpaulablog.com

New technology “The Cube” helps take businesses off the grid

The Cube – New Breakthrough Set to Alter the Energy Landscape Forever

15 August 2013 – Oilprice.com

Redox PowerSERG 2-80, known as “The Cube” is about the size of a dishwasher, and 90% smaller than most generators. Running at 1/10th the cost of other generators and ready to market by 2014, The Cube can be fueled by natural gas, propane, biomass or diesel, providing reliable, safe, locally generated power that can be taken off grid. Each generator provides enough power to run a small store or gas station. When used to provide both power and heat, it runs at 80-percent efficiency; a great way to ensure that important energy needs are not compromised by unreliable power grids.


New technologies light up town square between Sept - March annually with artificial sun

New technologies light up town square in Norway between Sept – March annually

The small Norwegian town of Rjukan is getting its own artificial sun this month

16 July 2013, Daily Mail, UK

For the first time in its history, a northern technological town is to receive sunlight in winter months. Engineers completing The Mirror Project—a system of three 300 square foot heliostatic mirrors, controlled by a central computer adjusting mirror-position, redirecting winter light into the valley – turns one of the biggest town squares into a sunny meeting place.

Edmonton Alberta Canada commits to 25 year plan to convert 100,000 metric tons of garbage waste yearly to biofuels methane and ethanol

Edmonton Alberta Canada commits to 25 year plan to convert 100,000 metric tons of garbage waste yearly to biofuels methane and ethanol as plant opens fall, 2013

Construction started on the world’s first industrial scale municipal waste-to-biofuels facility – turning garbage into fuel

August, 2013. edmonton.ca

100,000 dry metric tons of MSW (municipal solid waste that is unrecyclable and uncompostable) will be saved from landfills yearly and converted to 38 million litres of biofuels, helping Alberta reduce its GHG emissions. Plant is expected to be the world’s first major collaboration between a metropolitan center and waste-to-biofuels producer. The City of Edmonton is currently diverting up to 60% of residential waste from landfill through recycling and composting. The Waste-to-Biofuels Facility will enable Edmonton to increase that diversion rate to 90 per cent.

Germany commits deeply to natural wind and solar energy with offshore wind farms.

Germany commits deeply to natural wind and solar energy with offshore wind farms.

Germany commits deeply to eliminating nuclear power by tapping into wind and solar energy sources

18 August, 2013, www.phys.org

German energy giants pull plug on conventional power and commit more deeply to natural energy sources. Priority given in national power grid to…”clean” electricity. Power generated from wind turbines or solar power pumped to grid; coal and gas-fired plants used only for shortfall.

Supreme Court shackles govt: no new hydro power project in Uttarakhand for now

20 August, 2013, Indian Express

Concerned over the heavy loss of lives and property in the recent Uttarakhand floods, the Supreme Court Tuesday restrained the central and state governments from giving any further environmental or forest clearance to hydroelectric projects in the state until further orders: detailed research must be completed first about environmental impact.

“We are very much concerned with the mushrooming of large number of hydroelectric projects in Uttarakhand and its impact on Alaknanda and Bhagirathi river basins…”

The Juice

The planetary perspective…

Rahu Saturn conjunct Libra, fall 2013, can rock your world – what you need to know now! – gives the juice!

According to Vedic Astrology Rahu and Saturn – both strong malefics – are transiting Libra – sign 7 of business.

There have been some dire predictions for the fall of 2013. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very clear indications that this planetary configuration could be more than a little hiccup in the global perspective, both economically and environmentally. But that’s only one side of the story.

For every potentially negative outcome this fall, there is an equally positive one possible – if we use this powerful energy of Saturn and Rahu combined in Libra, the sign of partnerships, relationships, business and “others”, wisely. Using more than our daily dose of common sense, and appealing to the more positive and cosmic qualities of Jupiter, planet of wisdom, may help.

How does Jupiter play a role in creating wisdom?

Jupiter plays a valuable role here, as in the planetary play of things, Jupiter acts as the great counselor of the devatas – (the good guys) representing higher intelligence and wisdom.

Jupiter’s natural wisdom and beneficence is being strongly “afflicted” as we like to say in Jyotish terminology by Rahu, the wily cosmic snake. Jupiter is transiting Gemini in Ardra, the howler – a nakshatra owned by Rahu – and aspecting Rahu and Saturn in Libra in Swati nakshatra, a Rahu nakshatra owned by the wind. In turn Jupiter is being afflicted or aspected by Rahu (and his buddy Saturn) from Swati. Whew! Sounds difficult doesn’t it?

This means, for those not so familiar with Vedic Astrology terms, that the bullies in the room (Rahu and Saturn) are swaying Jupiter in the direction of acting more like Rahu than he should. In turn, Jupiter’s expansive aspect to Rahu and Saturn in Libra could strengthen their negative qualities.

Rahu at his worst is all about sudden compulsive greedy behavior. Saturn is all about control and discipline and at his worst (when he’s with another malefic) he can become quite punishing. Rahu and Saturn, when receiving the expansive energy of Jupiter by aspect as it is right now, can become bloated with greed and expand both their compulsive strength and combined punishing qualities. This combination of energies can mean trouble with a capital “T”!

So what part do we play in what direction Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu take?

As always, the play of the planets is about teaching us valuable lessons. Let’s look together at the stage that’s being set by cosmic intelligence, as the planetary play for the fall of 2013 initially looks a bit challenging.

The hero, Jupiter, is center-stage with some bullies who are egging him on, and he has a choice to make. Does Jupiter let the worm (Rahu the cosmic snake, as a very big worm!) spoil the sweetness of his apple (of life) and turn him from wise and magnanimous, to sour and indulgent? Or, can Jupiter’s beneficent orb influence the cosmic worm positively – to turn and become more wise and useful to society?

And likewise can protagonist Jupiter’s kindly influence positively affect Rahu’s buddy Saturn, who is all about control and discipline, to move toward directing a stable transforming change, or does he fail and Saturn brings about sorrow, contraction and a punishing influence to global markets, misusing nuclear energy and damaging shifts in the environment?

Whether this fall will be positive or negative all really depends on what we decide to do with the powerful forces present.

From the positive perspective Saturn and Rahu are particularly helpful energies to use for rapid, out-of-the-box transformations – especially in the technological fields – and can give long-term sustained growth in a positive direction. Jupiter could really expand that potentially positive energy in technology to great ends for society. We could benefit magnificently, if we can turn the tables from life-damaging behaviors and technologies and shift towards life-enhancing technologies with positive outcomes. 

Juicy details

Jyotish With Paula Blog offers two articles written by Paula that you can safely sink your teeth into…

  • deeper insights into the cause behind the dramatic technological advances being recorded by the press
  • uplifting perspectives – positive outcomes this fall are very possible with care and attention
  • 10 top tips and advice to get you through – what to favor and avoid to smooth out stressful times and enhance the positive outcomes!

Rahu/Saturn combination in Libra – what you need to know now before events intensify

Jupiter transits Gemini – soothing or unleashing the Saturn/Rahu Beast in Libra

Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog All Rights Reserved

Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. Copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved

Copyright: 2013 – Just Pressed Jyotish – all rights reserved.

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What’s next?



Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

If we are all strong, stable, we can set our sail with any wind in the world that comes along. If we are not strong, we are like a leaf in the wind. So we meditate, every day, regularly and gain transcendental being in our everyday life – and then we are strong.

Martha Washington

I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.

W.C. Fields
There comes a time in the affairs of man when he must take the bull by the tail and face the situation.

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