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Turning dreams into reality

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Paula Johnsen, M.A.
Love the creativity, style and superb writing found here at  Dreaming of finding an exceptional professional writer for your next project?  Contact Paula to make your writing dreams a reality!

I like your writing style and creativity – do you take on writing projects?

Thank you for the compliment!  I really appreciate the positive feedback about my articles and writing skills here at

As well as writing passionately about Jyotish each month, I do take on contract writing for the right person, business or project. 

Writing charges – do you write for free?

Sorry, I don’t review, write, edit, post, blog for free, or take on writing projects based on “spec”, future “royalties” or “cost-sharing” opportunities.  There are upfront fees for my  writing services which are clearly outlined in the Payment section below.

Are we a perfect business match?

Know that I’m only interested in working with people of integrity, who know what they want and like, offer quick feedback on materials provided, are flexible about solutions, capable of making prompt decisions, and are interested in promoting positive quality of life in their business and personal lives.  Additionally, I only take on clients committed to creating an exceptional product, who review and approve materials in a timely manner, make payments on time, and are looking to move forward quickly to make their writing dreams a reality. If this sounds like you, then we may be a perfect business match!  

Technical writing – bringing dry and boring to life!

Clients tell me I have a real gift for transforming dry and boring material and bringing it to life!   Have you got dreary but relevant and important material you need to share?  Do you have charts, facts and figures that are making you pull your hair out in clumps?  Have you lost your sense of humor about the business of writing and hit a writing block wall?   If you’ve got a serious need for levity, brevity – or both! – my professional technical writing skills can turn your beastly writing project into an attractive, even beautiful article or report!  Charges outlined below in Payment section

Creative, copy or ghost writing for blogs or books

Passionate about a concept, need a voice, can’t figure out how to say things to draw people to your site and have them participate?   I’ve personally created, designed, and written each page, post and article on this site and continue to create and design new concepts like Just Pressed Jyotish and Jyotish Cafe.  

What kind of writing do I do?  Scroll through some of my articles, meander through, pause, and re-read them in depth if you like.  Also, take the time to read some of the extremely positive comments left by my readership.   Scroll down to the bottom of any article on my site.  Some have 10 comments – others have close to a thousand.   By browsing through this website you’ll get a real impression of my unique writing “voice”, style, and approach and see if it’s for you.  If you need some examples of my technical writing, I can forward them to you upon request.

Are you limited to writing about Jyotish?

I have 30 years experience as an educator,  administrator and public speaker.  I know what it takes to reach and teach people in an inspirational manner – so that learning is easy and fun – but I’m not limited to writing about just one topic!  Sure, I love writing about Vedic Astrology and it’s one of my life-long learning interests.  My enthusiasm spills about the subject matter spills over in my writings and it has encouraged thousands of people visit this site daily from around the globe. Many readers are so inspired that they take the time to leave more than one positive and insightful comment and return again and again.    There are ways to make your blog site equally appealing and readership friendly by using my experience and expertise.

Let’s make your writing project shine!

Once we agree to work together, you must provide me with the concepts, details, and the information you wish to put into the article or report.  And you agree to make yourself easily accessible to provide some understanding of terminology or the technology I’m writing about – should I require it – either by Skype or by e-mail.  I may need some input or key advice about exact wording or a deeper insights into the topic at hand to reflect true and accurate meaning.  I don’t do separate research on a topic unless you hire me to do so.  Remember you’re the expert – you have the know-how!  I do have 30 years as an adult educator and have a broad background and familiarity with many subjects,  which gives me exceptional skills to write about nearly any topic  – but I  value and rely on your input.  I genuinely wish to make your work shine, and to be an outstanding product as much as possible, so do make time for me when I call or e-mail:  I don’t contact you unless I urgently need your input.

Just imagine!

Got an idea for a blog site, or a writing project, but don’t know how to say things in an intriguing, humorous, or interesting way? Or, you’ve lost your way, hit a road block and need a fabulous technical, ghost or copy writer to continue on with your writing dreams? Don’t worry!  I’ve got more than enough skill, wit, and imagination for both of us and the ability to adapt “my voice” to “yours”.  Once we agree on terms you provide me with the concepts – in English. 


All payments are through PayPal, half up front and the final two payments are at 2/3 complete and at completion of projects. 

  • A simple contract with our mutual understanding and agreements is signed by both parties before I commence activities.
  • Half of the payment we agree upon is due up front after the contract is signed – the remainder is due at 2/3 and at completion of the project.  If payments are not made in a timely manner, the project stops until payments are completed.
  • Technical writing projects:  $75.00/hour – you provide the materials – I help transform the beastly stuff to a beautiful and interesting presentation!
  • Creative, copy, and ghost-writing – depends on the length of the work and what’s involved.  Generally $1.00 – $2.00 per word to make your writing dreams a reality!
  • Other than the creation of the agreed upon writing project and a one-time, two minor edits per page, which are included in any writing project at the proof stage – any additional edits, proofing, reviewing, uploads, SEO’s, copyright protection, links, widgets, training,  how to use word-press, hot-link protection, re-hashing, re-inventing, discussions, hand-holding, or advice:  75.00/hour

Other details

  • You will be sent a proof copy which you need to approve in writing before I  complete the project. Please review and send in your approval in a timely manner (within 48 hours of receipt is greatly appreciated). 
  • Note: I correct grammatical or spelling mistakes I may make from my side (without charge). However, I must assume you are the expert on your subject matter, and you’ve researched and carefully reviewed the materials you’ve sent me.  Likewise, you will need to carefully review and approve all materials I produce for you to ensure that they accurately reflect the facts and concepts you intend before signing the proof copy.  I don’t do separate research on topics unless you hire me to do so on a contract basis. 

If my writing services are appealing, contact me

Am I able to hire you to create a Website like Jyotish With Paula Blog?

If you wish to create a more professional looking blog site like this one, and you don’t have time to put into creating the pages – hiring me may be just the right choice for you.

A weblog like this with 5 basic pages (suggestions below) , includes a design and layout similar to this website (of course it will be personalized to reflect your material).   You choose the colors, pictures, and information you wish to be on the site.  A little preparation can make a huge difference in costs to you.  If you make a plan in advance, select and edit your materials, choose which pages you wish to have the information on, and pre-select the pictures (and make sure you own them), costs can be minimized. 

Approximate Costs?

Your  fabulous 5 – page website will include a pre-approved selection of your own writings, information you wish to share, and pictures.  Costs are approximately $3000.00 CDN.   When I say ” approximately $3000.00″, I mean that if I have to do a lot of extras or spend more time than is reasonably necessary, then the charges must go up. That’s why it is important to clearly know what you want or like and be able to make prompt decisions before you begin the website design process.  Otherwise, web design can be a costly venture. 

If you’re not sure you wish to hire someone, and want to try creating a fabulous website on your own with some serious sweat equity and learning curve involved:   Check my article Paula’s Website and Jyotish Blog – how did she create it?   I include a 25% discount coupon to help you get started hosting and creating your own site.

Let’s say I’d like to hire you to create a weblog like this:  what’s on the 5 page website you’d create for me?

Whatever you choose to say.   You write the material and I place it accordingly.

 However, I would suggest you have the following on any weblog:

  • Home Page – a space that warmly welcomes people to your site and helps them find their way around
  • Contact Page – so that clients (future or current) can contact you directly, either by e-mail, phone, or both
  • About (with a few lines about who you are,  your background and qualifications)
  • Your first Blog or Article Page – how exciting! (you’ll want to insert more pages or posts as time goes on)
  • Archive Page (with previous articles – or other information listed)

You have many more pages, articles, titles and sub-sections – not just 5!

Five pages is what I started with, and then went on to create many more from there.  Once the design is created for the basic outline, pages and concepts can be replicated easily by the client.

Do you write my articles as well as design a website like this?

My services include the creation of 5 delightful and beautiful pages (highlighting your personal writings) to help get you started with a unique web site just for you!  As with any profession, there are additional charges for additional services.  Website design doesn’t include my writing services, SEO’s, copyright protection, finding or selecting suitable pictures, training about word press, web-site building…  You get the idea! Information about my writing services and additional fees are outlined above.

How many edits will you complete in my new web site?

2 minor edits per page are included – details below.

So, you’ve polished your works and they are ready to shine on-line. Fabulous! Once you submit written material to me as part of website design, I treat it as your final copy and assume you’ve done the necessary work, editing and re-writes to publish your work on-line.  Please don’t send me a mish-mash of half-written ideas and concepts and hope that I’ll  be able to figure it out. If you’re wanting me to do that, then my writing service fees apply:  $75.00 per hour.

If you’re on a budget, or want to keep costs reasonable – think things through carefully.   Put some sweat equity into your website in advance.  Plan which pages you want items or your articles to be on.  If you need ideas, look at this website and see how I’ve laid everything out logically. One of the best ways to check that your article or webpage says what you want to express is to read each page out loud to yourself or a friend.   Don’t be embarrassed – great writers do it all the time! Does your page or article make sense?  Is everything clear?  Have you missed something important?  If so, make the changes before you send them to me.

What happens once I get your material? Once we’ve agreed to a website contract and  you’ve submitted your final copy of written materials that you’d like to see on your pages, I will spend many careful hours creating your new 5-page website.  I’ll submit a link to you for each page as it gets close to completion.  This is your opportunity to see your new website and pages and go through everything with a fine tooth comb. It is important that you review everything carefully and get back to me quickly if there is a mistake.

Naturally you may wish to make a few minor changes.  No problem.  A one-time service of 2 minor edits per page are included as part of your review process.  What this means is:  if you’ve said something incorrectly and need to change a few words or even a few sentences on each page when you review it for the first time that’s fine.   However, this doesn’t mean major re-writing or re-designing pages – or offering 2 new edits on your re-edits.

Remember – you are submitting (or should be submitting) your final copy, as above.  If you decide to re-write, change the layout, re-structure a page – you get the idea:  additional work means additional charges.  Please refer to my Payment section, above.  Of course, I correct any errors I’ve made from my side, without charge.

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Paula’s Writing Services

turning dreams into reality

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Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog All Rights Reserved

Written by Paula Johnsen, M.A. Copyright 2013: Jyotish With Paula Blog – All Rights Reserved